FBI Sports Test for Women

Anyone who passes all tests in the United States can ensure national security and fight crime. What sports test do women take to work in the FBI? Sports test for work in the US federal law enforcement structure. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, FBI) ​​is a domestic intelligence agency and, at the same time, a federal law enforcement agency of the United States. It is the governing body of counterintelligence and counterterrorism activities in the United States.

Has the authority to investigate violations of the federal laws of the country and ensure the security of the state, nation and the president, including through the collection of intelligence by undercover and technical means Founded in 1908.

FBI sports test for women

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The FBI Athletic Test for Women requires 4 tests, and must score at least 1 in each discipline and at least 12 points in total.

1. Abdominal exercises for 1 minute In the table the number of times (Sit-Ups) and points (Points)

2. Shuttle run 200 meters Number of seconds (Seconds) and points (Points)

3. Push-ups for 1 minute. The number of push-ups (Push-Up) and points (Points).

4. Run 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers). Time and number of points (Points).

FBI sports video test for women