Favorite position for sex

Long gone are the centuries when the missionary position was considered popular. What are the most favorite positions for sex among modern women and men?

A well-known foreign acquaintance site No Strings Dating conducted a study on favorite sex positions. During the month, men and women answered questions about who they would like to meet and what sex positions he / she should love.

Surprisingly, the results differ from conventional wisdom. According to this survey, the majority of men and women half a century ago would have been considered desperate debauchees. But we should recognize together that the pose of a sandwich is indeed long overdue to be considered banal.

Long gone are the centuries when the missionary position was considered popular. What are the most favorite positions for sex among modern women and men?

The most favorite female sex position

Of all the women surveyed, only 11% of women are looking for men who liked the missionary position. 32% of women like the position for sex from above. 16% of women like the reverse cowgirl position, i.e. back to the man. The most popular and favorite position for the fair sex was sex from behind. 46% of women expressed their love for sex in a doggy-style position.

The most favorite male sex position

Men turned out to be more conservative and 32% of respondents expressed their love for the missionary position. 46% of men would like to see their girls in the cowgirl position. And only 11% of the reverse pose is on top. Probably the reason lies in the fact that men still love to watch bouncing female breasts. 32% of men voted for a sexual position behind the fair sex. And 3% of men would like to try completely different poses that are not classic at all.

The origin of the name of the missionary sex position

By the way, do you know where the name of the sexual position “missionary” came from? Then listen carefully, and then tell this legend to your girlfriend.

After World War I, British anthropologist Bronisław Kaspar Malinowski left to write about the way of life in the British colonial territory of Papua.

Anthropology is a scientific discipline that studies a person and society, the patterns of their development, cultural diversity, existence in the natural and artificial environment.

Bronislaw Kaspar Malinowski lived for a long time among the natives on Maila and on the Trobriand Islands. According to legend, Christian preachers also visited the island and taught the life of the natives. Shocked by the free manners and love of the natives for sex from behind, they began to teach "correct and decent" sex. It was supposed to have sex only face to face and only for the purpose of procreation. The natives of the Trobriand island gradually began to call this type of sex missionary, and later told about this to the scientist, who later used the term "missionary" in his works. According to another version, the natives did not practice the face-to-face position and, having caught the preachers having sex in this position, they were surprised. It is worth noting that this does not contradict missionary celibacy, because many missionaries were Anglicans and Lutherans.

Sex diversity

What else do both sexes like about sex? 44% of men and 22% of women were in favor of home video filming of sex. And for sex in public places, both women and men voted with both hands. The most interesting thing is that there were even more women: 76% versus 70% of men.

According to this survey, the favorite position for women is the sexual position from behind. For men, the favorite sex position is when the girl is on top. But the love of both sexes for these two positions is undeniable, although it was previously believed that the missionary position prevailed in sex. But some studies claim that sometimes sex is read in various positions, and ends in missionary.

Love for standing sex exists almost exclusively among women, while men voted with both hands against the “tin soldiers” position. In such sex, it is more difficult to approach a girl, and physically it is much harder for a man.

The most interesting thing is that over the years couples become more liberated and what they have not tried, being together for 5 years, they will definitely try on their 10th anniversary.

Ideal sex, according to the mutual opinion of the people, is 9 different positions, 3 sets of rubber, 2 fully played discs with music and 3 times you threw firewood into the fireplace.

Probably, after reading the article, you thought about it. Unusual positions and interesting places for sex are the perfect pastime for couples in love. Do you remember what girls like in sex? Today, be sure to try something like this with your girlfriend... If anything, the ambulance phone is 103.