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Fathers lessons. 111 father's advice from dad

We have absorbed and received much more from our fathers than we think. Our fathers did not educate us strongly, but they gave wise life advice and showed us by example. We look at the world through their eyes, have similar habits and unwittingly use their advice. The best advice from fathers.

“When I was twelve, my father collected money for three months to buy me new boots. Now I have money, but every time I look at it, I remember where I am from and who I am.” Andres Iniesta

Every man has taken something from his father. We have collected 111 tips from people that they received from their fathers. What did daddy give us? What did the fathers teach their sons and daughters? Here are the best advice from the fathers that they gave to their descendants.

111 paternal advice from the pope. The best lessons our fathers gave us

1. Be industrious in everything you do.

2. Nothing happens when you stay at home on the couch.

3. Always have a plan B, and don't get hung up on one option.

4. Give things a second chance, even if they don't look new.

5. Bad people can be beaten. Need to.

6. If a girl loves little and does not make happy, after the wedding it will be even worse.

7. If you can read, you can learn anything.

8. Always be alert and ready for trouble.

9. Your first and last name is a brand that needs to be kept clean. Keep your word.

10. Education and knowledge is the only thing that cannot be taken away from you.

11. Before you do or say something, think carefully.

12. Ask questions if you don't know. This is how you will learn and grow.

13. Be kind to people and moderately generous.

14. Nothing appears immediately. Do everything gradually, step by step approaching the goal.

15. Make sure you study at least one thing a day.

16. Use your wits, not your strength.

17. Success is a task completed. If you quit before the finish line, it's a defeat.

18. Leave behind better than it was before you.

19. Show people you care by spending money on them.

20. Ask for forgiveness rather than permission.

21. Think big, act local.

22. Wherever you go and whatever you do, always be fully involved.

23. Not a single blow, except for the sun, should remain unanswered.

24. Every stranger can teach something useful.

25. Maintain a healthy work-family balance.

26. Surround yourself with good and interesting people.

27. Live your life and by your own rules.

28. Constantly explore and study this world.

29. Be as sociable as possible and this will open up a sea of ​​​​opportunities for you.

30. Determination and perseverance are essential for great achievements.

31. Do everything right at once so that you do not have to redo it.

32. Love yourself and your reflection in the mirror.

33. Do not swear in a woman's presence.

34. Hang out with people you want to be like.

35. Do not ride a bicycle, motorcycle or car too fast.

36. Success in life is teamwork! In career, personal life, friendship, relationships.

37. Clean up after yourself and be self-sufficient.

38. Always shake hands firmly and don't be a rag.

39. Do not allow yourself to be disrespected or insulted.

40. Always do your best.

41. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

42. Find a job you love and be happy.

43. Look at the person's actions, not his words.


44. To find yourself, you need to try a lot.

45. Not enough time in a day? Get up an hour earlier.

46. Do not underestimate the criteria for choosing a girl, and especially a future wife.

47. Good manners are important, but they cost nothing.

48. Keep your conscience and soul pure.

49. The only bad mistake is the fear of doing something in order not to make a mistake.

50. Respect other people and especially elders.

51. Distribute the money in the family yourself, and do not give everything to your wife.

52. All life depends on how organized and prepared you are for it.

53. Don't worry about finding girls, be what girls want.

54. Even if you start without experience, your passionate desire will lead to the goal.

55. Wash every day, wear neat clothes and take care of yourself.

56. If you don't solve the problem, it will get bigger.

57. Don't change yourself to make someone else happy.

58. Always carry cash with you.

59. No one will do the work for you.

60. Get a good job so you can live well.

61. Build good and long-term relationships with colleagues, friends, relatives.

62. Relationships should be reciprocal, not one-sided.

63. Never marry for money.

64. Do you want to find the perfect girlfriend? Be perfect yourself.

65. Always measure twice and then cut.

66. Never lend something you are not ready to part with.

67. Call your parents every week.

68. You don't have to answer a call or text.

69. Don't compare yourself to other people. Compare yourself in the past and in the present.

70. Never settle for less than you're worth.

71. Buy quality items. They will serve you with truth.

72. Googled on the Internet instead of asking everyone. Find the answer yourself.

73. Check oil and tires regularly.

74. Where there is character and will, there is victory.

75. There are three types of people: doing, watching and idle. Be the first type.

76. Don't worry about things you can't change.

77. You yourself are responsible for your mood, fun and happiness.

78. Don't let other people think and decide for you.

79. Don't have sex without a condom if you don't want to get sick or get married on a whim.

80. Never think that you are smarter, more cunning or better than others.

81. Money is not the ultimate goal of life. Try to be happy.

82. Go in for sports. A man must be strong and be able to stand up for himself.

83. Don't worry about what others think. There will always be envious people and gossips.

84. In some troubled times one must be patient and humble.

85. You render where you go. Life begins when you take risks and try.

86. A lot of the shit you're going to do isn't worth it.

87. Eat healthier food. It will make you stronger, smarter and better.

88. Always trust your instincts and intuition.

89. Don't try to solve problems at night. The morning is wiser than the evening.

90. Learn to forgive people and yourself.

91. Always value your family. It's the only thing you have.

92. Learn to look normal. Go in for sports, watch your face and body.

93. Work smarter, not longer and harder.

94. You have as much freedom as you can pay.

95. Live in the present, not the past or the future.

96. Financial independence is important. Save money.

97. Do not have sex with classmates, colleagues, neighbors and other people's wives.

98. Do you want to change someone in a relationship? You do not love, but the person will not change. Leave.

99. Mood is everything. Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude.

100. Believe in yourself.

101. Always make your bed in the morning. This is the military wisdom of the military.

102. Don't get married before 30, but don't delay it either. It's the same with children.

103. People will judge you by how you look. And follow the mind.

104. Don't hit the girls, but you can twist and slap on the ass.

105. You are not where you start, but where you end.

106. You are the middle of your 5 friends. Choose your friends carefully.

107. Be true to your values ​​and principles, not be a weather vane.

108. In relationships and family, the man is the main one.

109. Regardless of position and status, every person deserves respect. Each.

110. Keep your inner core and never give up. Never.

111. Life is short not to enjoy the trip and every moment of it.

“Why does a father love his son more than his father's son? Because the son is his creation. All are supportive of what they themselves have created. Aristotle

Which of your father's advice do you consider the most important? What advice did you get from your dad that you yourself would give as a father?