fast food sex

During the raging of hormones and the loss of virginity, sex is enough. But we grow up a little and the incomprehensible begins. Appears study, part-time work, work, friends, travel, sports, hobbies. What about sex? It becomes random, rare and cheap.

Teenagers have more sex than older boys and girls. It doesn't mean we don't fuck. We have sex, but rather in between, casually and a little casually. How do we eat fast food.

Men think more, pursue a career, try to succeed. Women do not lag behind, and sometimes overtake men in this desire. The higher the level of intelligence, salary and aspirations, the less sex.

Everything has changed in reverse. Now the girls are more active. They are not only looking for relationships, but also for sex. Is it hard to get sex? No. This is especially true for big cities. The girls themselves ask for a cocktail at the bar, and then they easily go to visit. Girls shoot guys on the streets and make the first move.

Where did the sex go? There were too many entertainments and life plans that sex became secondary. Sex became available as fast food and it became it. Eat quickly and move on. It doesn't matter where or with whom. Casual sex with random people. Sometimes fast food gets delayed. We met a little, had sex and fled.

In English, there is a name for such sex "fast food sex" or "quickie". This is a quick hookup to relieve sexual tension.

There is no sex in the adult world, but fast food sex remains. We look for fast food sex at an affordable price, without savoring, to fill up cheaply and quickly. Random people satisfy sexual hunger together and run further on business.

It's not like that, you say. And how old are you? If you have a family, then the same fast food sex, but with only one person.

Fast food sex is a harsh reality.