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False myths

People love to flaunt their statements of various facts, which in fact turn out to be ordinary myths. It is worth checking more carefully what you hear on TV and read on the Internet. What popular myths are circulating among people?

Before writing in the comments that this myth is true, we recommend that you check your reasoning on the Internet. These myths surprised us too. There is nothing strange in this. We have been told this too often that we trusted it.

You can flaunt these myths with friends or tell a girl when you entertain her. What stupid myths is it time to forget to replicate?

Erroneous myths

If you wake up a sleepwalker, will he have a heart attack or go into a coma? It is a myth. The sleepwalker will not be able to wake up, or he will be scared and experience decent stress. But in the morning he may not remember anything. It is better to carefully take back to bed and put the sleepwalker to sleep.

It is not the fastest sperm that fertilizes the egg, as everyone believes. The egg selects the most suitable sperm according to some criteria. Medically, this is called genetically biased insemination. So you are not the fastest sperm, but the most suitable for a number of reasons.

Egyptian pyramids were not built by slaves. The Egyptian pyramids were built not by tens of thousands of slaves, but by the Egyptians - builders and architects. Almost the entire working-age population of Egypt was employed in construction, growing food or guarding. This was the usual division of labor in antiquity.

If the chick fell out of the nest, and the person put it back in the nest, then it will be abandoned or killed by the parents. Birds practically do not smell and rarely leave their chicks. Most likely, the parents of the “abandoned” chick are somewhere nearby. It is better to leave the chick where he found it, or quickly put it in the nest and leave. If you can’t reach the nest, then just sit on the branches higher. His parents will find him and take him away.

Bulls are not infuriated by red, but they see white better. The bulls are annoyed by the flapping fabric, that they perceive it as a threat. The red color of the rag is to make people more calmly perceive the blood of a bull when it is killed in a bullfight. The bull is indifferent to the color red, but it responds well to movement.

Edouard Manet - Bullfighting

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is not entirely true, but the slogan of the cereal manufacturer "General Food". A full breakfast is useful, but it is not a panacea for proper nutrition. Nutritionists say that breakfast is as important as other meals. The overall picture of nutrition is important, and not focusing only on a hearty breakfast.

Does hair grow back faster after shaving? No. The cut ends of the hair give a feeling of thicker, but it is not. The structure of the hair is determined by the gene pool and care for them, but not by the frequency of shaving. When epilating, the hair is cut off at the root, and when shaving, the hair is cut off at the surface of the skin. Therefore, they grow faster than after epilation.

If you have to run away from an alligator, then you should move in a zigzag. The large weight of the animal will cause it to miss. But this is a myth that can cost a life, but will allow an alligator to have a snack. The reaction of the alligator is excellent, and you need to escape from it by running away in a straight line. A crocodile can move at a speed of 17 km / h, but for a very short period. A person is able to escape from him if he rushes in a straight line at full speed. It is important not to stumble upon another reptile.

Francois Boucher - Hunting for a crocodile

Chameleons do not change color depending on the background. The chameleon changes color when the emotional state changes, when a female appears, after a fight and other factors. If the color of the chameleon matches the surrounding background, then this is a normal match.

Do fish have a memory for all three seconds? This is another myth that concerns the most primitive fish in the aquarium. Many fish remember things and events for years, and navigate in space better than people.

Dogs do not sweat their tongues. The sweat glands of dogs are located on the paws. The dog opens its mouth so that saliva evaporates and gets rid of the accumulated heat. Dogs also breathe more quickly to remove more heat.

Gladiators were not only forced slaves. The basis of the gladiator fight was the rite of the Etruscans. Potential sacrifice victims had to fight for the right to stay alive. But in gladiator fights it was a little different. Often the gladiators were freemen or volunteer slaves. The school of gladiators made it possible to win the love of the public, fame, money or freedom. Therefore, many wanted to become gladiators.

J.-L. Jerome. «Pollice verso»

What other ridiculous and strange myths do you know?