Fairy Kupalle 2011.

Guests of the festival participated in competitions, wove wreaths and floated them, registered fabulous elven marriages, started dancing and took part in rituals with pleasure.

On July 9, Prazdnik.by, with the support of the RCC "Silichi" and "Your Lotto", held "Fabulous Kupalle 2011" as part of a new author's project "Favorite holidays with Prazdnik.by".

The holiday started at 16.00. Cheerful music from children's films sounded everywhere, and the guests of the event were greeted by a mischievous Mishka and a charming long-haired Mermaid. Walking along the fairy stairs one could meet the Master of the Game and the Magician and play games of skill and ingenuity with them.

On the lower platform, children were invited to play interesting games of Malvina, Pirate, Alice in Wonderland, Pippi Longstocking, The Frog Princess, Snow White and Baba Yaga, and masters of face painting and body art turned the guests of the holiday into fabulous characters. The children took part in competitions at fairy-tale grounds with pleasure and received magical "kupalinka", which could be exchanged for sweet prizes from OJSC "Moloko" in Vitebsk and the "Ivkon" confectionery factory.

After the fabulous tasks, all the guests of the holiday were invited to a theatrical performance from the clowns Petrushka and Trou-la-la. A real magical action unfolded on the stage with tricks, contests and soap bubbles.

Guests of the holiday with pleasure showed their resourcefulness and ingenuity in the table games tournament from the Igraj.by store, participated in amusing competitions on the rides from Funny Sport, wove wreaths and put them on the water, registered fabulous Elven marriages, admired the dances from the Gloria dance studio, participated in competitions, sang along with the Malinoffka-company team, started dancing to incendiary songs from the Shalom Band and took part in rituals from the Belarusian folk group Guda.
But what a Kupala night without looking for Paparats-kvetka. They searched for it and, of course, the luckiest ones found it, for which the organizers of the holiday presented them with a wonderful fruit basket.

At the end of the program, the theater of fire improvisation "Asmigurd" delighted everyone with a bewitching and spectacular fire show, after which everyone was able to jump over the Kupala fire and make the most secret wish, which is sure to come true, because on the Kupala night there is always a place for a miracle and magic! Photo report Kupalle in Silichi.

Photo: Sergei Makshun Belarusian men's magazine MENSBY. COM