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Facts about dating and flirting

When meeting the opposite sex, every little detail counts! Facts that may help you improve your dating and flirting skills.

Dating gives us the opportunity to meet the right person for you, but it also requires some skills. When meeting, the smallest details are important, and once you have mastered this art, you can start looking for a potential partner. Here are some interesting facts that may help you improve your dating and flirting skills.

1. Couples usually wait about 6-8 dates before they start officially dating.

2. Office romances are common, and 4 out of 10 workplace relationships end in marriage.

3. Men are repulsed by noisy women. If a woman wants to get acquainted, she should move away from the noisy group to give the man the opportunity to approach her.

4. If you want to create an instant connection with a person, say his or her name at least twice during a conversation. This shows your attention and ability to make connections.

5. Research shows that by memorizing various information about a person and mentioning it in a conversation, you not only flatter the other person, but also show your interest.

6. When is the best time to call after the first date? Expert opinions vary, but the ideal moment is considered to be in 2–4 days, but not longer than 4–5 days. Calling too early may seem like a desperate move.

7. Most often, people break up after 3-5 months after they met.

8. Women who post their picture on dating sites get twice as many messages as those who don't.

9. On free dating sites, about 10 percent of new accounts belong to scammers who meet for money.

10. About 33 percent of those who meet online will form a relationship, 33 percent will not, and 33 percent will abandon the idea.

11. Research shows that people are twice as likely to get to know each other through family and friends than if they went to a nearby bar.

12. According to a survey by a well-known dating site, 43 percent of respondents considered fresh breath to be the most important, 17 percent valued stylish clothing, 15 percent preferred the pleasant smell of perfume or cologne, 14 percent considered good skin appearance, and for 10 - beautiful hair.

13. About 40 percent of men feel insecure when meeting a woman for the first time.

14. Polls show that schools, universities, cafes and malls are the best places to flirt, as people are more open to meeting others in these places. The worst places are restaurants and cinemas.

15. According to studies, the way a man stands (ie, slouching or not) matters 80 percent of the time when making a first impression of a woman.

16. By repeating the gestures of your interlocutor, you imperceptibly express your interest in him. However, you should be careful not to repeat every movement.

17. For women, the most repulsive characteristics in men are acne, unkempt nails, flatulence and belching, missing teeth, bad body odor or breath, and "stupid" glasses.

18. When a man tries to get close to a woman, she bases 55 percent of her initial impression of him on his appearance and body language, 38 percent on his way of speaking, and 7 percent on what he actually says.

19. If a woman is interested in a man, she will smile or laugh at his jokes, play with her hair, touch some object for example, a glass, blushing when a man compliments, pouting or retracting his lips, stammering or leaning towards the man.

20. Signs that a woman is not interested in a man include: avoiding eye contact, fake smile or no smile, deviating from the interlocutor, monosyllabic answers, slouching posture, frequent glances at the clock, tapping feet and indifferent sight.

21. Beautiful women get more stares, winks and harassment, but they are approached less often by men as they lose confidence around such women.

22. Research shows that men know that they fell in love after 3 dates, and women fall in love only after the 14th date.

23. On average, daters start kissing on the second date and have sex after 4-6 dates.

24. It is difficult for a man to speak if there are two women nearby, as he does not want the second woman to feel abandoned. Therefore, if a woman wants to attract a man, she should bring two friends.

25. A woman can increase her chances of being approached by a man by straightening her crossed arms, exchanging glances with him, and smiling.

26. Five types of women that men try to avoid: constant coquettes, those who start talking about marriage too early, lovers of entertainment, talkers and alarmists who worry over trifles.

27. The four most common dating mistakes include: being late, talking too much about yourself, too much detail about past relationships, and being overzealous.

28. Men are most afraid that a woman will stand between him and his friends, will not allow him to spend his free time, become intrusive, will not respect him and will demand constant attention.

29. People like mystery and "hunting" so don't be too approachable on a date. Dating experts generally advise against throwing yourself into bed with another too quickly, as the longer the "stalking", the more likely love will blossom.

30. Research suggests that happiness is contagious, and potential partners cannot walk away from happy people. Negativity is the most repulsive trait.