Face the truth

In difficult times, successful periods and in other segments of life, the ability to face the truth is the most invaluable quality. There is such a paradox of Admiral Gene Stockdale, which teaches us to overcome any obstacles and face the truth.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? One of the most invaluable qualities of a person is the ability to face the truth. It is necessary not only in difficult moments, but also during takeoff. Realism is much better than pessimism and optimism too. Why?

Face the truth

1. Face the truth in difficult times

Each of us faces problems and difficulties in life. Sometimes not everything in life goes the way you think and hard times come. Fear, problems, despair roll. It's time to pull yourself together, calm down and start moving on. In a difficult situation, the main thing is to learn to face the truth.

During the Vietnam War, Admiral Gene Stockdale was captured and spent 8 long years there. During the captivity of Gene Stockdale, the Vietnamese tortured more than 20 times, but he was able to get out of this hell alive, but his comrades in arms were not. Why did he survive while the other soldiers broke down?

The first to die were the pessimists, and then it was the turn of the optimists. They broke too, and Gene Stockdale was a realist. The optimists were sure that they would come out of captivity by Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving. But these days came, and the soldiers were still in captivity.

The soldiers could not stand it, broke down and died. Optimism did not give a chance to survive. People believed that they would win, but they could not face the terrible facts. Gene Stockdale urged the soldiers not to be optimistic, but to look at reality, no matter how terrible it was.

Gene Stockdale used the philosophy of stoicism to distance himself from the torture and pain in the concentration camp.

If you cannot control the situation, then you need to survive it. Everything will definitely be fine, but you need to go through the dark times with your eyes open.

2. Face the truth on the crest of success

When things are going well, the ability to look at things is also really priceless. Soberly assess the chances, realistic deadlines for your tasks. Don't turn up your nose. When all is well, we become optimistic, careless, and reckless. And this is dangerous.

The main thing in life is to learn to face the truth like Admiral Gene Stockdale.