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Eye contact is your weapon in business and temptation

One of the important keys that opens the door to strong friendships, successful careers and rich personal lives is eye contact. Many of us neglect, forget, and fail to use eye contact. How to look at the interlocutor as a girl, how to like it, how to inspire confidence, how to seduce?

People judge a person by how he looks at them. Eye contact is one of the fundamental stones of communication and communication with other people. It helps in almost every area of ​​life. What makes eye contact, how to look at the interlocutor and the girl you like?

1. The effect of eye contact on the interlocutor

Eye contact and charm

For centuries, writers and poets have sung about the incredible beauty of the eyes. The eyes are more than an organ of vision, they are a mirror of the soul. If you are interesting to a person, then he will carefully look at you, study, admire and enjoy the view.

Eye contact and intelligence

Eye contact is recommended during interviews, work or business. This indicates intelligence, confidence, competence, professionalism and understanding of the situation. A smart person will not look away or at the floor. Eye contact is the hallmark of a highly intelligent person.

Eye contact and friendliness

Why are people on the Internet so aggressive towards interlocutors? It's not just about the lack of responsibility and impunity. On the Internet, a person does not see the eyes of the interlocutor and does not know what he is thinking, and therefore assumes the worst. If you encounter incomprehension, resistance or hostility, you should maintain eye contact. This will generate empathy and empathy for the interlocutor.

Eye contact and trust

A study was published in a medical journal on the importance of eye contact with a person. Doctors who avoid the patient's gaze are less trusted. Doctors who maintain eye contact are more trustworthy and rated as reliable. People perceive well those who look at them, and do not look away or run around them. Do you want to inspire the confidence of a friend or girlfriend? Look into your eyes.

Eye contact and sexuality

Direct eye contact helps to establish communication with the opposite sex, makes a person more attractive and sexy. Men and women are perceived as more self-confident, and therefore more valuable specimens. From eye contact comes charm, charisma, flirting and seduction. Eye contact is very sexy. It helps to get acquainted, gain confidence and seduce the opposite sex.

2. How to maintain eye contact?

Hostile look

Does the person look from under the forehead, askance or frown? Is his gaze tense and aggressive? This view should be used for a hostile situation and conflict. A hostile gaze is usually eye to eye.

Business eye contact

Mentally draw a triangle between the eyes and a dot on the forehead. This look makes it clear to the interlocutor about the intellect and business mood.

Social eye contact

Mentally draw a triangle between the eyes and lips. This view speaks of social communication. This look is used when communicating with friends and sets up a trusting communication.

Intimate eye contact

Mentally draw a triangle from the eyes of the opposite sex to the chest or legs, if appropriate. Such a look indicates interest in a person, strong sympathy and sexual attraction. Intimate eye contact is essential for seduction.

3. How long to look at the interlocutor?

In a conversation, eye contact should be maintained 60-70% of the time. For friendly communication, you can do more. Shy and reserved people watch about 30% of the time. For a man, this will be a fiasco, speaking of his insecurity and weakness. You can maintain contact with the opposite sex 80% of the time. This is appropriate, it will talk about feelings and sexual desire.

4. Eye contact and pupils

In ancient times, Italian ladies put belladonna juice in their eyes. As a result, the pupils dilated, and a sparkle appeared in the eyes. It is very attractive to the opposite sex.

When we like a person, we not only look at him a lot, but our pupils also dilate. Wide pupils are a sign of sympathy for the interlocutor. Therefore, romantic dates are best done in the twilight, when the pupils are as dilated as possible.

5. Eye contact and influence

How to influence a person by looking into his eyes? The right hemisphere is responsible for the left eye of a person, and the left hemisphere is responsible for the right eye.

If you want to convince a person and look confidential, but look into the right eye. It is suitable for work and business meetings.

If you want to please the opposite sex, then look into the left eye. It is suitable for relationships and love. But do not do this all the time, but periodically look like this.

The eyes are your weapon in this world of business and seduction. Do you already use them as weapons?