Extreme sex: pros and cons

When you want something so exciting, but you seem to be tired of skydiving, then it is quite possible to have extreme sex.

Everyone gets bored with the monotony of everything at some point, and sex is no exception. And when you want something so exciting, and you seem to be tired of jumping from a parachute, then it is quite possible to have sex in extreme places. There are many such places: it is a bus, and an airplane, and a park, and a cinema, and when someone else is lying next to you on the bed, which you cannot wake up like that. It captures, adrenaline rushes, hamstrings tremble, knees tremble, passion flows like a stream from every cell of the body - that's what extreme sex is. Although we all know that the initiative in sex belongs mainly to men, sexologists say that more women prefer to engage in extreme sex than the stronger sex. So is it necessary then to have this extreme sex at all? The answer is ambiguous.

There is nothing more passionate and captivating than sex in extreme places. Someone may not agree. But let's think about what can attract us so much in "sex without a specific place of existence." First, it is the fear of being seen at the crime scene. Oh yes, it's scary, but so pleasant. It seems to beckon, from the fact that in the brain there are constantly thoughts that you can be “caught”, and in the heart there are frantic knocks at the speed of light - this is a thrill, pleasure, even an obsession. So, the pleasure of such sex will be special, not like all other sex sessions. Secondly, it is passion. It is so insane, all-consuming, demolishing everything in its path - because you really want to take possession of the human body, but at the same time realizing that, it seems, it’s impossible right now. And this passion grows with every kiss, every touch. Thirdly, novelty. Usually, everything new and unknown always prevails over a person. You will understand how to quickly enter your partner without taking off her panties, without unbuttoning her bra, but still enjoy the taste of her body. Fourth, it is getting a quick orgasm. When such passions are burning, and there is no limit to excitement, it is most likely that an orgasm will come earlier than usual. Fifthly, the mood and well-being after all this will be so good that you will want to move mountains and turn the world upside down. And sixth, you will finally learn what extreme sex is, feel it for yourself, and stories about it to your friends will encourage them to do the same.

But let's be realistic and think about the disadvantages of having sex in extreme places. So, first: usually in such situations, an insignificant number of people think about condoms and other methods of contraception, which means that the risk of an unwanted pregnancy for your chosen one or some kind of disease with a random partner is very high. Second: get ready for the fact that sex will be short, so those who like to work out longer should better hold on to this idea. Third: not romantic at all. Wild, unbridled, devilish sex - in my opinion, not up to romance. Well, imagine some kind of tram or a public toilet - what kind of romance is there, you can’t light candles or put flowers in a vase. Fourth: terribly uncomfortable. In a cinema chair, it is unlikely that you will be able to try to perform at least half of the Kama Sutra positions, and you will not be able to lie down like a “starfish” after such sex.

Arguments for extreme sex have taken over, but they can be given more and more, as you explore places where you can’t have sex, as a person experiences in sexual matters, the “trial and error” method is just as good. But this in no way encourages you to abandon the usual lovemaking at home on the bed or in the bath. But still, it is worth thinking about the fact that monotony often hits our life in the most painful places and sometimes breaks it. You know, as they say, that the boat of love and family beats against everyday life, it's almost the same here. In sex, you should not put any barriers at all, take care of your body - after all, time will pass, and just like that, you won’t be able to use your body as in your youth. You need to give everything of yourself, then sex in any place will become something unusual, sky-high, and you will repeat with admiration in your eyes: “This is something!”