Examples of dating girls who work

The girls shared the dating methods they liked. Ways to get to know pretty girls that end in a date, relationship, love, or an easy romance.

Modern girls do not demand extraordinaryness from men and are ready to get acquainted with simple tackles from the male side. And the complex pickup methods just arouse suspicion and scare the girls away.

How to approach and what to say to a girl so that everything ends with a date, relationship or intimacy? A group of girls were interviewed and asked to list the methods that worked 100% for them. Examples of dating girls who work.

“You are very beautiful!”

This is a simple but almost trouble-free method if a girl likes a man. Girls love compliments and even flattery. They immediately melt when a handsome stranger notices their attractive appearance and are ready to meet halfway.

"What's your favorite song?"

Find out her favorite song, pick up the phone and promise to tell her her opinion. This pick-up line is effective due to the fact that a man is interested in the musical tastes of a woman. It seems to the girl that he is serious, since he is interested in such things about her.

“You have an interesting T-shirt”

Clothing with the logo of your favorite band allows you to catch on with the conversation and discuss the work of this musical group. You can quickly find a couple of facts on the Internet and flash in front of a girl. Clothing can be not only with your favorite group, but also with any other sign or symbol.

“I remember a wonderful moment: you appeared before me…”

It was not for nothing that you learned the stupid verses of the classics at school so that they would no longer be useful in life. A couple of lyrical lines and the girl will be interested in such an unusual approach in the age of rudeness and male harassment. Girls always surrender to romantics at their mercy. Womanizer Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was proof of this.

“You are an interesting person”

Such a simple and honest approach to a girl will be appreciated by her. Every person, and especially a girl, dreams of being appreciated not only by appearance, but also by inner qualities. The girl willingly gives the phone and goes on a date. And there she can give something else that you want.

"Girl, I think I'm in love"

Such an unambiguous tackle is sweet and simple. Vulnerability and lack of pretense captivates girls. The girl understands that she is pretty and liked the man. Why not try to meet him, since he's such an honest fellow?

In most cases, if the man who comes up is interesting and the girl is free, everything will work out. Girls are often more important than what a man says, but how he does it. We have tested all these phrases and appreciated their effectiveness. And now it's your turn...