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Everyone dies but not everyone truly lives

Everyone knows that we only live once. Some fools have thought that this means trying as much alcohol, partying, entertainment and vice as possible. But the meaning of this phrase is completely different. We will all die sooner or later, but how will we evaluate our life on our deathbed? What will we regret? About your perfect deeds or about those dreams that you never decided on? Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.

“Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow him." Film "Braveheart"

We only live once. But fools, idiots and lazy people say this when they are about to indulge in moral decay or entertainment. The meaning of the value of life is not to plunge into vices and depravity, remembering its short period. The meaning of one short life is to realize your dreams and goals while there is time and energy.

There is a ranking of the best films according to IMDb, which includes the legendary historical film "Braveheart". The three-hour feature film tells about the struggle for independence of the Scots against the British. Before a decisive battle with the British, the leader of the Scots, William Wallace, urges his countrymen to take the risk of fighting in battle, so that later they will not regret their cowardice in old age.

“Fight and you might die. Run away and live. For some time. And after many years, dying in your beds, you will be ready to give all these years for the opportunity to return. Come back here and tell the enemy that they can take our lives from us, but they will never take our freedom!”

In real life, everything is like in the story about the struggle of the Scots against the British. You have to make certain life choices every day. Fight or flee. Fight and fight, with the risk of losing. Or run away all your life, cowardly and give up, and then in old age regret your cowardice.

Many years later, lying decrepit and old in your bed, you will remember the moment when you did not dare. You will be ready to give all the years of a measured, safe and gray life for the opportunity to return back. You will regret that you didn’t try, didn’t jump at the opportunity, got scared, lazy and ran away.

Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives. Many people prefer more "reliable" and "stable" options. But it looks like cowardice. It's like not accepting a fight, but running away from the battlefield. And then all my life I will be tormented by doubts and shame. Yes, you did not risk anything and did not lose a life. But you lost the opportunity to change everything for the better. You missed your dream out of fear for your own skin.

There are always risks in life. But it is precisely behind these risks that huge opportunities lie. Every time you need motivation, then remember the brave and furious Scots in kilts. Who showed their genitals and asses to their enemies and then fought from there. But they did not run away and did not give up.

"We will all die, the only question is how and why." Film "Braveheart"

Every day you have a battle with the whole world and with yourself. Every day you decide to run away or fight. But many years later, lying on your deathbed, you will reproach yourself for cowardice. It is better to be wounded in battle than to realize the worthlessness of your life at the end of it.

Do you bravely accept the fight or every time you cowardly run from the battlefield? Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives…