Easy character

Character is a strange thing. It can be strong or weak, light or heavy, cheerful or not, but not only we, but also those around us have to live with it.

They either complain about him or admire him and consider themselves happy with us.

The problem of a light nature is very strange. We try to please those who live with us, those who work with us, but we have to limit ourselves. We have to force ourselves to be silent when we so want to speak out, to please everyone at the moment when we want to drop everything and run away, to smile when we so want to cry and scream. We try so hard to “not show” our character and “not to spoil the nerves” of our environment that we forget about ourselves.

We stop loving ourselves, pampering ourselves, cherishing ourselves, and may even stop "paying attention to ourselves."

And here the most interesting begins. Our inner "I" absolutely does not agree with this state of affairs. It starts to protest. Sometimes even "stomp your feet" like a small child.

And all of a sudden we start crying for no reason, or we are just attacked by apathy. We are already aware that we have stopped laughing the way we once laughed in childhood, but we reassure ourselves that we are adults, we must be like everyone else, be serious, and immediately remember that “laughter for no reason is a sign...”.

Here we are no longer running, but importantly we carry ourselves and are proud of ourselves, and our internal “I” wants a holiday and hooliganism. Then we find a loophole and arrange a holiday for our children or grandchildren, play with a cat or a dog. But we do all this “for them”, and not for ourselves. And I want to be sad more and more often. Why? What's wrong? We are beautiful and strong, mature and independent, we have practically no enemies and many friends. What's happening?

Yes, just our inner "I" wants a holiday for himself. It wants us to love ourselves, pamper ourselves. Sometimes it happens. We buy ourselves something that we have wanted for a long time, but then, having come home, we suddenly remember that we had to buy something for our loved ones... And then we begin to reproach ourselves for selfishness.

We begin to limit ourselves even more in our desires and try even more to please others. We do not know what words to say when we are praised, but we are able to "solve problems." Then already our inner “I” begins to get angry with us, and we suddenly have health problems. Moreover, when everyone needs us, when we have the most crucial moment and when it’s impossible to get sick. But our body doesn't care. It makes us lie in bed and “lose time”. It knows that we would never do this and therefore protects us from ourselves. Our body, being sick, allows us to be a little lazy.

But why live like this? Why try to give more than you take? Why rejoice in other people's victories and not pay attention to your own? Who is happy and happy about this?

Maybe just make a holiday for yourself, stop being an adult and show your tongue to a passer-by and not worry about what he will think? And you try to walk down the street and smile to yourself. Try telling your reflection in the mirror: “I love you! You are super!". Remember how, as a child, you walked in the park and kicked the leaves, how you jumped on one leg and enjoyed the snowflakes.

Of course, adults do not behave like this, adults should be correct, but maybe you don’t always have to be an adult. Maybe it's good to be wrong and see differently. Who said what we do is right? Who told us to stop loving ourselves so as not to upset others? After all, we are ourselves. Or maybe when we decided so, we just made a mistake...

Of course, we must be adults and responsible people, we must be obligatory and serious, we just need to do something very well and correctly. But what about the child that lives inside of us? How to release it? It's up to you to decide. You can not wait for tomorrow, but today go to the pool or dance, buy yourself a coloring book and beautiful pencils, or, when you come home, just sing (at least in the bathroom).

Let's try and tell our colleagues at work tomorrow how we love ourselves today. And let them envy!

Because not everyone has the courage to love themselves and be proud of it. Only a person with a “light character” can easily start…

Author: Olga Ovsyanik