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Doing Nothing: How to Learn to Relax, Relax and Do Nothing

All our lives we have been told that the main thing is work, goals, plans, but almost nothing was said about rest. Here you will achieve everything, everything, and then you will rest on a well-deserved vacation. But you always have time to wake up only closer to old age, when time is lost and did not have time to enjoy life. The whole secret of a happy life lies in the comprehension of the skill of "doing nothing." How to learn to rest, relax, be lazy and enjoy life?

We are constantly told that the most important thing is work, money, goals, plans, and a thousand other household chores. People work 40 hours a week from around age 20 to age 65. There are approximately 247 days in a year, and we have been working for about 45 years. As a result, it turns out that there will be 27 working days. This is a lot, given that these are your youngest and most energetic years.

We work all our lives, hoping to rest later. And when retirement comes, we are afraid of old age, do not know what to do, and then suddenly leave this world. We always say that work is only a means of existence, but we do it differently. We value only business, but we forget about rest, entertainment and life itself. We are like downtrodden horses that drool and froth but persist.

Who is to blame? If you want to make life full, then you need to comprehend the skill of “doing nothing” and the skill of “rest”. Recreation is a variety of entertainment, hobbies, hobbies and activities that you do in your free time. But there is also doing nothing.

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Doing nothing. Why learn to do nothing?

Doing nothing is a process of idle pastime, idleness, idleness, fooling around, loafing, parasitism and laziness. All these are words with a bit of negative connotations, but it only seems so at first glance.

The benefits of doing nothing are enormous. We are used to doing something all the time, but never resting. But such haste and fuss will not lead to anything good. As a result, we are exhausted, do not see the white light and are constantly under stress. As a result, our productivity tends to zero, and we are deeply unhappy.

Loading ourselves with slaves and deeds, we try to escape from ourselves and drive out different thoughts. But doing nothing makes us look inside ourselves, no matter how painful and painful it is. That is why before going to bed and in the moments of a break, unusual, but true thoughts come to us. They seem to light up our head. We usually drive them away, but in vain. They had the salt of the earth in them.

The ability to do nothing is extremely important in life. Between working days and business, you need to be able to relax. This will help you relax and gather thoughts for a more fulfilling life.

Doing nothing helps us to see the situation on a larger scale, pushes us to reconsider life values ​​and cruelly analyze what is happening. In moments of real relaxation, we come up with such thoughts that can radically change our lives for the better.

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Doing nothing as a search for a new self

Famous entrepreneurs, stars and other fairly successful people work a lot? This is true, but there is a downside to the coin. Many now famous people in childhood and adolescence had a lot of free time. This was the result of illness or other reasons. They look like Ilya Muromets, who lay on the stove until the age of 33. At such a time, they were doing nothing, dreaming and building castles in the air, which eventually turned into reality.

Many people changed their lives for the better after forced breaks. So many started their own business or found a job after a forced layoff. During the holidays, people often decide to change their field of activity, work, relationships, place of residence. In moments of doing nothing, thoughts are born, and everything around becomes clearer and more understandable.

Even in the traditions of Hinduism lies doing nothing and contemplating what is happening. Indeed, at this moment something more important and large-scale is being created.

It is important to separate moments of doing nothing and rest, but these are both important things, without which it is impossible to have a fulfilling life. We like to entertain ourselves with these things in our free time. Usually it is weekends, evenings or holidays.

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How to learn to rest and relax?

Relax and have fun, do not worry about your business. Rest can be attributed to pleasant and favorite pastimes. Usually, each of us has our own list of entertainment and recreation that we love to pamper ourselves with. It can be anything, depending on the character, age, marital status and company of friends.

  • Walk in the street or in the park.
  • Favorite hobby or passion.
  • Camping, picnic, camping, barbecue.
  • Sports activities: volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, training.
  • Watching movies and serials.
  • Internet, social networks, sites, computer games.
  • Reading books and listening to the radio.
  • Meeting with friends and walking.
  • Leisure activities: running, cycling, surfing, snowboarding, rollerblading, skateboarding, ropejumping, kayaking.
  • ​​
  • Concerts, parties, parties, bar.

The list of entertainment can be huge, here everyone chooses their own type of recreation.

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Do nothing and enjoy doing nothing

In life, you should not only relax in your free time. Doing nothing is often much more useful, but not everyone knows how to do it. It is necessary not to rest and not to have fun, namely, to do nothing. Often this is called reflection, meditation or yoga, which seems unusual to us.

Walk down the street, sit by the river, look out the window, contemplate the fire, lie on the sofa, watch the sunset, look at the stars. Don't do anything at all. Know how to relax, observe, contemplate and soar above all the bustle of the world. At the same time, do not be afraid to think, dream about something and think freely about everything in the world. This is what is called "doing nothing".

As we age, we understand that it is precisely such lazy moments that are very important. Such thoughts about nothing are the privilege of gods, children and successful people. Arrange absolute idleness to enjoy idleness. This is a kind of state of passivity and complete unemployment. An idle brain fantasizes, dreams, has some unknown plans. We slide from one thought to another, from idea to idea, from theory to theory, from plan to plan.

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Sometimes it is necessary to write down the thoughts that come to mind during such moments of self-reflection, self-knowledge and self-perception. Bring the process of doing nothing to its perfect form, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday thoughts. At one point, you will feel the euphoria of doing nothing and enjoying it.

Doing nothing in some moments of life means doing something important when you comprehend everything in your life from the height of an eagle's eye. Doing nothing will help you find the strength for some kind of change, reveal your inner potential, bring something new and important to life.

Life is one, and it is too stupid to spend your whole life in the race for work, deeds and money. Learn to relax on weekends, in the evenings and during holidays fully. Relax, enjoy and have fun. At the same time, do not forget to regularly do nothing. Think, fantasize, meditate, dream and enjoy it.