Do what you want and don't whine

At some point in life, every person loses his way and does not at all what he wants to do. Life becomes completely different from what he planned, and dreams seem unattainable. How to get out of the trap of circumstances and routine?

Life sometimes surprises and you start to wonder how you got to this point. Why are you not doing what you want? Why don't you live the way you dreamed? Why is the other half not at all the one you would like to see next to you? Why is there an environment around you that is alien to you? Why is life not going the way you wanted?

Do whatever you want

Why did this happen? We just lost our way and surrendered to the flow. You do what is easier and what others want, but not you. Ask yourself and make a list of everything you really want, not everything that surrounds you.

Parents, friends, acquaintances, environment, and the other half will push you to do what they see fit. You will be surrounded by moralists telling you how to behave and what to do. Those who like to drink will be drawn into their company. Vegans will tell you what to eat. Healthy lifestyles and sports enthusiasts will impose their values. There will always be those who know better than you what you need and what you want. Never give up and do what you want, not others.

But happiness is elsewhere. Where do you fulfill your desires. When you go to your dreams. Change your lifestyle, learn a new profession, quit your job you hate, move to another city, break up with the girl you hate. Do what you want the most.

Don't whine

There will always be difficulties. You are not the first and you are not the last. You can feel sorry for yourself for a long time. You can complain about circumstances, others, the government and bad luck. But one thing is true. Only you are responsible for your life, and no one else.

Do whatever you want and don't whine.