Do today what you are going to do tomorrow

What is the problem with people who do not get anything, or come too late? The fact that they are not fast enough, decisive and enterprising. We delay making decisions and do not do things that should have been done yesterday. Do today what you are going to do tomorrow.

Why does everything go wrong in life? If things regularly go badly, and problems are unexpected, then it may be due to excessive slowness. You do nothing when you should have been actively planning for the future. Think about when you should have acted. You fail when you should have done it a long time ago.

“Do today what you are going to do tomorrow; say tomorrow what you want to say today.” Polish prose writer and playwright Kazimierz Psherva-Tetmajer

Those who move faster than others succeed in life. What do you do when you find it difficult to figure out how to be faster? What to do in order not to regret the lost time and chances? It's time to step on the gas.

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Do today what you are going to do tomorrow

37) Do the same thing but hope for a different result? Have the courage to admit that something does not work and it is pointless to hope for a different result. Maybe try something else that might work? Do it today.

2. Find time for the right things

Not enough time and always busy? How would you spend your day if you weren’t on social media, documenting your every move, liking pictures on Instagram, hanging out on YouTube, loving cat videos, watching pointless TV series and endless news? One day, stop doing all this and find that you do not know what to do, and the shaft of time. Try it today.

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3. Do today what you are going to do tomorrow

Why do we have so many problems in life? You don't think ahead. We wait until the very end, when there is no strength to endure. We pull the cat by the tail, put off making decisions and postpone everything until tomorrow. Do things today that you thought you would do later.

Don't delay. Act faster. We hesitate too long, and then we regret that we missed all the opportunities and chances. Meet a girl, go in for sports, look for a new job, study a new specialty, get the right experience, do something new. Do today what you are going to do tomorrow or sometime in the distant future.

4. Enjoy life today

One of the biggest regrets in people's lives is being too much right about everything. Don't be afraid to enjoy life, travel, take risks and try new things. Find the courage to do what you really want to do. Follow your dreams, don't be cowardly or lazy. It is better to do something today and regret it than to regret tomorrow that you did not do it. Life is short.

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5. Assess yourself from the outside

Look at yourself carefully in the mirror. If you stopped developing and moving, would you want to stay the same all your life? Would you like to be the same in a year or ten years? Or are you not satisfied with the existing reality? Maybe today is a good day to change yourself a little?

6. Look for goals instead of comfort

Today is the time to admit that you are not old enough to seek only comfort. Tolerable comfort is not always as good as it seems at first glance. Outside your comfort zone, there are many incredible experiences, opportunities, and miracles

Look for goals that will give you some discomfort when you step out of your comfort zone. But these goals are worth getting up off the couch or rocking chair. You're not old enough to act like an old fart.

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then the rich you also will not learn. You won't be one as long as you're throwing money around and managing it unwisely. Live within your means and spend less than you earn. Avoid installments and loans when you spend unearned funds. Deal with finances today if you plan to increase them tomorrow.

8. Be happy here and now

Learn to be happy in the present, not sometime in the future, which may come too late. Rejoice and enjoy life right now. You are happy today or never. A good mood will give you strength and motivation for new victories. It's too stupid to spend your whole life with a disgruntled and gloomy face. Smile today and be happy today.

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9. Let go if you want to move forward

Today is the time to drop your anchors. What happens if you stop being jealous, comparing yourself to others and discussing gossip? What happens if you do not pay attention to the condemnation and criticism of others? What will happen if you allow yourself to be yourself, follow your desires and fulfill your dreams? What will happen if he learns to refuse arrogant people and not allow himself to sit on his neck? What will happen if you do not try to be all good, but are guided by your needs, goals and dreams?

10. Understand yourself and try more often

Find yourself and your life path. Realize your goals and dreams to make plans. Try. Try to do something as often as possible, rather than planning for a long time and doing nothing. Understand yourself and try more often. Build your own path in life. Don't go the other way, go your own. You know deep in your soul where your path is and where you should be.

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Do today what you are going to do tomorrow. Stop procrastinating for a time that will never happen. Take the first step today.