Do not lean the Band: We recommend sex alternative to drugs!

Recently, the Minsk group "NOT lean the band" has been doing nothing but shocking their fans with new information.

Either the scandal with Petr Elfimov, blown up by the press from scratch, or the almost exposed lawsuit from Quest Pistols. And the young team has enough worries without it - the guys are going to shoot a video, they plan to record their debut album. Musicians are developing rapidly, although there are still "losers" who have no idea who they are "DO NOT lean against the band." So, the group was found by a newspaper ad by three guys - Maxim Yukhnovich, Evgeny Akentiev and Artem Dontsov in 2009. “The DON'T lean the band style, judging by the material we have, is sometimes pop punk, sometimes pop rock, sometimes alternative rock. We try to use different elements and be varied, even if not in the key of the most complex music,” says guitarist Vladislav Pashkevich.

In between their messy live ties, endless rehearsals and their own personal business, the guys from "DO NOT lean against the band" along with MENSBY. COM talk about themselves, girls and rock music:

When did you realize that you had developed your own style in music? Or has it not happened yet?

Maksim Yukhnovich: No, that hasn't happened yet. But we do our best to come up with something of our own, to bring a new shade to the palette of musical styles. How we will succeed, time will tell.

Igor Malashenko: I think after a couple of albums, we will be able to talk about our individual musical chip.

Evgeny Akentiev: Never thought about it. Personally, I play what I like, but all bands play music in their own way. Everyone has something special in their head.

Artem Dontsov: We initially planned to do something of our own, I can't say that at the moment we have developed our own style, but we are gradually moving in this direction.

For example, I have not seen anyone on the CIS stage combine two styles in one group: roughly speaking, pop-punk and the Linkin Park style. In general, it is most likely not for us to judge, but for the listener and journalists.

Vladislav Pashkevich: We are doing this now. Many bands develop their own style for the second or third album, although many people tell me that even now we sound recognizable in relation to other bands. Although I do not think that what we are writing now is the style that will be with us until the very end, but time will tell.

Your performances suggest that rock is alive in Belarus, but what about sex and drugs?

M. Yu.: With sex, you know, it's better than with rock music in our country - I can say that for sure. Drugs? Watching what to call a drug? Music is by far my biggest addiction.

IM: We recommend sex as an alternative to drugs!

E. A.: Let rock continue to live in our country - it's good. And I'm bad at drugs! In the sense of the phrase “sex, drugs, rock and roll”, which is used to be seen in promiscuity, a bunch of drugs, constant intoxication, I generally have a negative attitude. You need to live normally. And the propaganda of this lifestyle by other bands, in my opinion, is a disgrace to the entire rock scene of the world!

AD: We consider rock a strong alternative to drugs. I'm not talking about sex.

V. P.: Thank you for such words, sex, of course, is alive, drugs are alive among those who need it. We do not need them, for example, for inspiration.

Is NOT leaning on the band the bad guys?

M. Yu.: I think we are still far from such a “significant” definition. Although, from which side to look (laughs).

Е. А.: I agree with Max, depending on which side you look at.

VP: It all depends on the mood and the situation, and for some participants on the amount of alcohol in the body (smiles).

IM: We are bad, in a good way.

A. D.: Of course you can, we constantly steal and break something at rehearsal places! And so we are quite ordinary guys, not counting two drug addicts, two alcoholics and one psychopath in the group (laughs).

What part of a girl's body do you think is the sexiest?

M. Yu.: The sexiest part of a girl is the whole girl. After all, if she has a cool ass, and instead of a breast there are two nipples, then everything else becomes not so attractive. I will be banal, but it is very cruel to judge beings of the opposite sex in this way. A girl becomes both sexy and attractive when you get to know her better, be she a hundred times chestless and with a boyish haircut (smiles).

IM: The sexiest part of a girl's body is her ass.

EA: Wow, what a question. Never thought about it. For me, the sexuality of a girl lies in her complete picture, i.e. each part of the body complements each other and is assembled into one whole.

V. P.: Chest, waist, legs.

A. D.: The girl is already sexual in itself and it is not necessary to divide her sexuality into some parts.

What qualities do you think a man should have in order to seduce a woman?

M. Yu.: Women have always been drawn and will be drawn to those who are able to become their potential protection, support. It is important for them to see a friend in a guy, a warrior in general - a man. Apart from those cases when the degree of alcohol drunk decides for a girl, at such moments she can be seduced even by a Bigfoot (laughs).

IM: A real man must maintain iron composure in the most unpredictable situations.

Е. А.: Each girl has her own, I will tell from my own experience. Some like mom's boys, others like more independent guys. And most importantly - the guy must be honest with the girl and himself.

A. D.: He must have a lot of money, a yacht, a villa and a belly, as a side effect, in order to look solid in an expensive suit.

V. P.: It depends on the woman, some like real machos, some like modest ones, so I won’t draw conclusions about all women at once.

Do women inspire you in your work?

M. Yu.: It used to be and often. Now less and less. Probably, I have not met lately those who would inspire me to write poems for her and for a future song.

IM: Women are very inspiring, especially naked ones.

E. A.: Yes. Inspire. There are even songs dedicated to our dear "Muses".

A. D.: It often happened.

V. P.: I don't know any musicians who wouldn't be inspired by girls and relationships with them. Perhaps every musician with experience and experience in writing music had lyrics on this topic in his repertoire, unless, of course, it was Cannibal Corpse.

Which song from the repertoire of "DO NOT lean against the band" characterizes you?

M. Yu.: “There is nothing to fight for” - at least at this stage of life, it is this composition that reflects my views on life, people and happening around.

IM: Each song creates a certain mood. But most of all I like the emotions that the song "Do I need to" evokes.

E. A.: Characterizes? Do not even know. Every song has a piece of my soul. There is just a song close to me - it's "Caution". Some experiences in my life are connected with it. The song is a kind of reminder of my mistakes.

A. D.: We haven't recorded this one yet.

V. P.: Perhaps such a song has not yet been released, but judging from those that were recorded, it is “We are together”.

Do you think it's necessary to die young to be remembered as a rock star?

M. Yu.: Well, if you really left your mark on rock music, then you can die young. In general, Metallica is an example of oldies who did it a long time ago and are still alive.

IM: It's better to be just a man, but alive! Than a star, but dead.

AD: To be a rock star in people's memory, you must always be a rock star - until the end of your days.

VP: Of course, one death stirs up a lot of interest and makes a person more popular, a cult of personality appears. Of course, you won’t be able to make equally worthy material all your life, with age you have less strength, less desire to work, the bar may drop. There are many sad examples... there are also bands that stopped writing new material and just played old hits when they realized that they could no longer write anything worthwhile. So far, we have not had such a problem, and accordingly, there have not been any special thoughts on this topic.

E. A.: No. It is not necessary to die. You just have to be sincere and kind. Good is always remembered. Personally, I will live to spite my enemies and to the joy of my mother, father, relatives and, of course, our listeners.

Photo: personal archive of the group (material about NOT leaning against the band) Tatiana BOBER and Alina SHIMANSKAYA Men's magazine MENSBY. COM