Dirty sex experiments that girls suddenly liked

The girls told their experiments in sex, which left them indifferent, and also made them fall in love with these vicious perversions. Until you try it in sex, you won't know how great these ideas are. The only way to know for sure is to succumb to dirty sex experiments.

"In an ideal relationship, pure love and dirty sex are complementary, not mutually exclusive." Brianna Reid

Sex experiments make intimate life bright, gorgeous and amazing. We asked the girls to share their greatest sexual discoveries. What did they previously consider uninteresting in sex until they tried it? Appetite comes with eating. What dirty sex experiments have left girls partial to orgasms? What did girls love about sex, although they used to turn up their noses out of naivety?

Dirty sex experiments that girls liked

Back massage or legs

Many people massage each other before sex. It makes sex brighter, but what about a foot and leg massage? Nice massage, after a hard day and high heels, just great. When a man massages from thighs to legs, every muscle relaxes and fills with energy. The body feels at the peak of bliss, that sex is incredible afterwards.

Doggy style in sex

Sex, exclusively in the missionary position, quickly gets boring. In sex, you should always try something new. More passionate, hotter, animal and amazing. The doggy style is more aggressive, hot and passionate. You never think you'll like it that much until you try it. This can be done out of bed and even out of the house, which additionally turns on. This sex experiment will bring you a lot of pleasure and orgasms.

Nipple clamps for nipples

It's a little strange and painful, but unexpectedly pleasant pain. The soft rubber on the nipple clamps makes them safe to use. You can adjust the strength of the impact for individual preferences. You won't know how great it can be until you try it.

Oral sex

Cunnilingus and blowjobs are great ways to spruce up your sex life. There are a lot of options and poses so as not to get bored. Many girls give blowjobs and caress themselves so as not to stay away from the holiday of pleasures. Do girls like cunnilingus? Certainly. Couples who avoid oral sex have a lot to lose.

BDSM in sex

Why do all women love the Fifty Shades of Gray movie and book? The fair sex wants to say something by this. They are interested in such a sex experiment. Girls love it when sex is associated with dominance and submission. Girls like to receive psychophysiological pleasures as a result of a conscious violation of taboos. BDSM allows you to try something fresh and forbidden. The change of roles, from dominance to submission, is also extremely interesting.

Role playing in sex

Sex experiments are good not only physical, but also psychological. Many girls love the entourage and the game before sex. Therefore, role-playing games always turn them on. Arrange a meeting of strangers and sex in a hotel. Play the roles of a boss and a subordinate who wants to get promoted. A doctor who uses non-standard methods of treating a patient. A cop and a criminal who wants to get off with sex. A teacher and a student who is ready to do anything for an assessment. The driver and the passenger who pays in the car is not money at all. Role-playing games are always great sex, exciting mind and body.

Forbidden anal sex

Many people dream of anal sex, but hesitate to try it. How pleasant or painful it is depends on the preparation. If you're careful, use lube and have a lot of foreplay, then anal sex is great. This is getting new sexual sensations that are incomparable with ordinary sex. Is it worth trying? Costs.

Sex on the side

Many people think that sex on the side is uncomfortable and even impossible. But that is until you try. Everything you need goes to the right place. There are many interesting side positions that will make your sexual repertoire richer and brighter.

The use of vibrators, strap-ons and other toys

Many people are shy about sex shops, although they improve intimate life at times. The vibrator will help you make sex more varied and vibrant. Vibrators and strap-ons can be used in both directions. You can simulate a threesome and double penetration into a girl, which many women dream of. A man gets pleasure from stimulating the prostate, and a girl from a fuller complex of pleasures.

Tempting fisting

Fisting involves inserting several fingers or a fist into the vagina. Sexual sensations are unusual, but extremely pleasant, to make this a constant practice for intimate life. Many girls love it, unexpectedly for themselves.

Varied sex

Too often girls feel that they should be ashamed of their sexual desires. It is embarrassing for girls to offer men something new in sex when they are quite conservative. Girls want to try more different sex positions in order to get new pleasures. Women dream more often to buy different sex toys and accessories. They hesitate to offer to watch adult films and try something from there. Women want more experiments and sex in different places: car, nature, street, hotel, beach, tent, rooftop.

The only way to know for sure your sexual preferences is to succumb to dirty experiments. Sex experiments can be unexpectedly pleasant, which will become an indispensable part of your vibrant intimate life. What sex experiments would you like to try?