Date an ugly girl!

You need an ugly girlfriend right now! Beautiful girls will never make you happy, especially in love and sex. You will understand, having started dating an ordinary girl, how much you forgave the beauties: a swine attitude, manipulations, whims and quarrels.

Most men chase after the most beautiful girls, hoping to tempt them with love and sex. Almost all such relationships end in failure. Why are relationships with beauties in 99% of cases doomed and you immediately need to meet with an ugly girl?

Having lived to be N years old, I discovered that all my best friends were ordinary, simple and not the most beautiful girls. And with the beauties, everything was hard, exhausting and to no avail in the end. Ugly girls gave me the opportunity to enjoy relationships and life, and beautiful ones unsettled me, crushed me mentally and killed the desire to communicate with girls for a while.

Date an ugly girl! Beautiful versus ugly girl

In life, you meet beautiful girls and ordinary ones. If you are faced with such a choice, then choose the latter. Why? Beautiful models will never make you happy. You will understand, having started dating an ugly girl, how much you forgave the beauties: a swine attitude, manipulations, whims and quarrels.

1. Appearance and inner world of a girl

A beauty can have ideal facial features and figure, but any appearance will become boring after a maximum of a year. Therefore, spending time, effort and resources on a girl of incredible beauty does not make sense.

Pretty women, spoiled by male attention, almost always have a bitchy and arrogant character. They are used to relying on appearance and do not try to charm a man with something else. Tenderness, kindness, care - these qualities they rarely develop in themselves. Most beauties are accustomed to demanding from a man the fulfillment of their desires.

An ugly girl almost always has a richer inner world, because from childhood she had to pump other qualities in herself, looking for other strengths. In most cases, they have a docile and sweet character that will delight after communicating with beautiful bitches. With an ugly woman there is something to talk about and discuss. They were more likely to read books and study well than to go out on dates with guys from all over the neighborhood.

2. Infidelity and a girl's sexual experience

It may turn out that a beautiful girl has a richer sexual experience than you. While an ordinary girl was sitting at home, the beauty was fucking at the party, gave herself up in the back seat of cool cars, traveled to Bali with another "daddy". The beauty will say that you will be her second, but in reality 22, but rather 102.

Would you like a beautiful girlfriend who was fucked on the side by left-wing men? Unlikely. A beautiful woman wants to fuck all the men around her. It can be random people, colleagues and even your friends. The chances of you getting horned are very high. A beautiful girl is like a rare specimen from the red book, for which everyone is hunting. A beautiful maiden will be tempted by many men, seducing her in many ways.

3. A wide choice of girlfriends

There are few beautiful girls and choosing the perfect girl is almost impossible. Among ugly girls, there are much more chances to meet the girl of your dreams. You can choose not only by beautiful appearance, but by hundreds of other parameters that you like. Maybe a lover of travel and concerts? Maybe a laugher and a constantly smiling girl? Maybe a phytonyashka with a booty pumped up like a nut? Maybe a chick with big boobs? Maybe a girlfriend who is fond of computer games?

4. Courting and dating a chick

A beautiful girl will exhaust you at the dating stage. The beauty will start to turn up her nose, and you will have to push her other fans aside. You will have to climb out of your skin caring, giving valuable gifts and fulfilling whims. Only cool restaurants, huge bouquets of flowers and expensive gifts. A gift to the beauty is an iPhone, jewelry or a car, and she will look dismissively at anything less. A beauty will not take steps towards a meeting, and you will have to win her with nerves, health and a wallet.

An ugly girl will take steps towards you herself and is ready to walk along the street instead of a restaurant. An ugly girl, like a Papuan, will be happy with the simplest beads or wildflowers. An ordinary girl will always be glad to see and willingly run on dates.

Wooing a beautiful girl will be an exhausting crusade, with a long siege, a difficult capture of the fortress and heavy losses. Courting an ugly girl will be a pleasant walk, when every stage of the relationship will be a pleasure and joy.

5. Money and girls

Appearance is what any beauty wants to sell to the maximum. No matter how much you receive and earn, the beautiful demands more and more. You will climb out of the skin, but it will not be enough. You can work 24 hours a day and make millions, but she will always look at you as a loser who never became Abramovich or Rockefeller.

An ordinary girl will be content with much less. You don't have to be a director or a businessman to be a man in her eyes. She will be happy with an above average salary and will not press on a man because of money.

6. Living together with a girlfriend

Pretty woman will demand money and satisfaction of her desires. And the ugly one will cook borscht, wash clothes and take care of you. Joint life with an ordinary girl is more harmonious and happy. An ugly girl is set to build a family, and a beautiful girl is set on expensive cars, parties, travel and a luxurious life.


7. Sex and love with a girl

Beautiful girls have already made you happy with their presence. That's exactly what they think. Pretty women will not show their love in 1000 ways, like not so attractive girls. Pretty women in bed are more selfish and more often resemble a beautiful, but a log. For them, sex is spreading their legs, and then let the man try. After all, he was given such an incredible attractive lady!

Sex for an ugly girl is a rare event. She will try more to please a man, and will not rely solely on her appearance. An ugly girl will spin like a cat in bed, suck like a vacuum cleaner, actively jump in the pose of a rider and carefully study the Kama Sutra.

Once you start dating ordinary girls who were called ugly in the article, you will never chase long-legged models and beauties. And when an ugly girl gives everything she dreamed of, she will change in your eyes. Is she an ordinary and ugly girl? No. You have never met anyone better and more beautiful in your life. The best and most beautiful…