Cunning rules. How to be the wisest?

It is not the strong or the clever that win in this life, but the cunning. Cunning and wise people are the most dangerous. They are somewhat similar to the ruthless sharks that rule in the world of predators. Do you want to be smart? Learn a couple of wise truths from the cunning

Rules of the cunning. How to be the wisest?

1. Can't win fair, win dirty

2. Be as flexible as possible, not stony

3. When you're angry, the best way out is to close mouth

4. Listen to advice that gives advantages, but don't give it to others

5. Rules are meant to be broken

6. He who hastens, fails

7. Let people think that you are crazy than cold-blooded

8. Each person has a price and can be bought

9. A stick always has two sides. Be careful

10. An untimely open mouth kills a fish

11. Preparation for any business is the key to success

12. The best defense is to be out of the strike zone

13. Never underestimate the enemy

14. In a cold place, look for the warmest

15. Often success lies in insolence

compromise, then you will win

17. When you lie, be brief

18. Do not argue with fools

19. Do not make unnecessary enemies

20. Life is poker and you don't need to have the best hand to win

21. Emotions interfere with sound reasoning and decision making

22. Be friendly with others, but trust as strangers

23. Sometimes defeat is victory, and victory is defeat

24. Do not put yourself above others if you want to get something

25. In calm and calm waters, you can always be a shark

26. Do not judge by rumors about people

27. Betrayal - it's just a method

28. Failures slip through the door or window if you forgot to close them

29. The world is driven by money, power and sex

30. Don't poke your nose where it doesn't belong

31. Secrets are well kept when they are unknown to others

32. Sentimentality and pity are for weaklings

33. Having reached the goal, you should not stop

34. If you fight, then you have to hit first

35. Only victory is remembered