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Criticizing girls: why the girlfriend does not apply to you?

In any relationship, and even more so in marriage, sooner or later a girl begins to nag a man. She finds the features she doesn't like and then starts to fix them. As a result, relationships can turn into constant discontent, criticism, whims, quarrels, sawing, tantrums. Why does a friend treat you badly and how to solve this issue?

We are often asked about how to deal with brainwashing and criticism from a girl. Are you constantly quarreling, offended or in conflict? This often happens in relationships and marriage when the candy-bouquet period passes. Over time, love does not necessarily pass, but begins to resemble a battlefield, when any event causes conflict between couples.

Why does the girl criticize?

Is your friend treating you badly? At the very beginning of the relationship, you seem ideal to each other, but over time, the rose-colored glasses of love slip, exposing all the flaws and vices. There is a discrepancy between the desires of the second half and reality, when you want to bring the relationship into an ideal state. You are not ideal, and therefore you will be sawed.

Usually girls are more likely to criticize men, because they are more inclined to idealize relationships. Criticism can touch any area, when a girl finds fault with a man on all fronts, from the lack of a car to your ambitions. The girl criticizes the work, the level of earnings, behavior, actions, appearance, clothing style, attitude towards her.

As a result, you turn from an ideal man into a loser and a mattress, which seems to be the worst.

Constructive criticism from a girl

Not always a girl wants to offend you, win back or annoy you when she starts to notice some of your shortcomings. Criticism can be constructive when a man objectively gained excess weight, began to look bad, earns little, has crappy wages. A man himself does not see this, is lazy or prefers to go with the flow.

The girl does not leave the man, but tries to stir him up and make him act. This is quite fair and correct when criticism has a basis. Here you need to think and comprehend criticism, and not be offended and not swear.

The girl does not see the prospects for further relationships if the man does not improve. No one wants to live from bread to water all his life, and therefore the girl can leave, seeing the futility of her attempts. Life is one and short, and therefore everyone wants to fulfill themselves and settle down in life well. Most of the girls are not mercantile, they just want to live normally and with dignity. Do you also want to give your family and children as much good as possible?

Try talking to the girl to get some feedback. Discuss your opinion on various topics, express your desires, identify controversial points, find compromises and solutions.

Destructive criticism from a girl

Not all criticism will be reasonable and fair. Often, behind the girl's criticism lies the girl's internal complexes and problems, which come out in the form of a quarrel, demands, whims, manipulations.

Signs of destructive criticism from a girl:

  • A loser girl. The girl herself did not fulfill herself in life, but she hopes that she will be able to succeed with the help of a man. She wants to sit on the neck of a man so that he will take her to a prosperous and luxurious life. The girl herself is nothing.
  • A kept girl. The girl has high demands on the man. She has seen enough of fairy tales about princes, films about Hollywood life and pictures of kept women on Instagram. Now she wants to sell her body for a higher price, and you have empty pockets.
  • An envious girl. She looks enviously at other couples that she sees on the Internet or in real life with her friends. She wants to wipe her nose with them, but she herself cannot. Therefore, sawing a man.
  • Unbalanced girl. The girl is dissatisfied with herself, her life and everything around. She has psychological problems with self-esteem and self-realization. She finds a man as the last one to take out all her complexes and problems on him. Such sufferers will be unhappy all their lives, no matter what you give her.

Often a girl can have all these signs when she is nothing special, but wants a lot.

A girl criticizes when she wants to find a new man

A girl can see on the Internet, on TV, at work, on the street or with girlfriends of men who are superior you. They may be better looking, make more money, or be more interesting options.

The girl looks at them and then at you. The comparison is not in your favor. You fail in some areas, maybe all. As a result, the girl begins to think that she made a mistake in choosing the second half. The girl begins to criticize the man, push him, correct him. All this results in scandals, quarrels, whims, criticism, discontent.

A girl wants to sell herself for a high price, and you clearly do not fit the definition of a rich dad. Her body deserves more, but you cannot live up to her high demands and expectations.

A girl criticizes when she wants to find a new man. The girl is looking for reasons for parting and convinces herself of the fallacy of the choice. She is already seriously thinking about breaking up, just while she is looking for other men, and you are a temporary option. Maybe throw her first?

What to do if a girl criticizes?


Why does your friend treat you badly? Try to determine the reasons for her discontent. If her criticism is constructive and fair, then think about it. Is there anything you can do to improve a little? Sign up for a gym, look for a better job, get a different specialty, upgrade in all areas. Criticism is unpleasant to hear, but if it is said in order to push you a little, then this is good advice. Listen, and do not take everything with hostility.

What to do if a girl criticizes destructively and more on far-fetched reasons? There are two options here. The first option is to bring the girl down from heaven to earth, when the second is to quit.

1. Deal with a critical girl

You should put the girl down, put her in her place, ridicule or talk like an adult. Invite the girl to calm down, stop criticizing you and trying to manipulate. You are an adult, and hearing her eternal whining does not inspire you at all.

Tell the ever-critical girls that there are many women in the world who will warm you up with pleasure. If the woman is not satisfied with everything, then invite her to take a walk out and disperse. Her demands are too high, which means let her either calm down or save you from her annoying presence.

Try to show the girl who is in charge in the relationship. Bang your fist on the table, but don't shout, but speak calmly. Scare the girl with your calmness, confidence and strength. All girls want a strong male, and in front of such they are always shaking and afraid. Let her know who is the man here and who is the whining woman here. You can't take this anymore! Let him keep his inner bitch deep inside.

2. Change the defective woman for a better and cool one

The criticism of the girl does not subside, but she constantly saws you, scolds and takes out brains? Do you want advice that a million men have taken, but no one has regretted? Throw a disgruntled girl so as not to look at her distorted face and not listen to an offended voice all your life. It's not worth it.

Get rid of a defective girl or wife by replacing her with a better and newer model. She will be younger, pretty, good and gentle.

There are many excellent girls and women in the world who are much better than your already ex-woman. There are a billion women around, and you prefer to be where you are unhappy? Find yourself a cheerful, positive, good, adequate, gentle, kind, beautiful, passionate and wonderful girl.

There are many girls in the world who will not stand the brain, criticize and bore for no reason. There are many beauties who will meet you with joy, with open arms and legs in stockings. Look around and find that girl who will make you happy.

As soon as I left my ex, I again became a real man with hands, character and virtues! I became the best, most desired and most loved. That's how it is!