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Having decided to treat an unknown girl in a bar or club with various cocktails, you can easily run into the one who earns by consummation. How does the “consumation” business work from the inside, where girls receive a percentage of orders, according to one of the workers in this area?

Consumation - what is it? Consumation is a way to attract the attention of a beautiful girl, to chat with her due to the fact that a client in a bar or club orders various cocktails for her and for himself. The girl receives a percentage of these orders, and since cocktails can be expensive, consumption can bring good money.

As it should be

Of course, no one writes in the ads, “we are looking for a consumator”. With such frankness, I came across only once - about five years ago. Usually they are looking for dancers, go-go or waitresses. Moreover, they often register not for a permanent job, but as self-employed persons - “artists”. Like, the girl sells the show program, and what she does in her free time - how do we know.

I don’t even know if there is such a profession in Latvia – consummation. Here in Scandinavia - there is. When I wrote to the club where I started to work, I was amazed at how they had the whole thing spelled out there - to the smallest detail and taxes. And everything seems to be not forbidden here, it seems that the police don’t pull us if some institution doesn’t completely burrow, but everything is somehow semi-legal. And if you are also ready to dance a striptease, clubs need a separate license for this, and there was not a single state institution within 100 meters from the institution, which is not easy in Old Riga.

Mostly local girls from 18 to 40 years old are engaged in consummation - residents of Riga and visitors from small towns-villages. Here in Paris I saw "colleagues" and well over 50 - they behaved very confidently, even a greyhound. Perhaps ours will grow up to those years, but where should the “girl” go before retirement if she is used to easy money? By the way, they are not so easy, but the amounts at a time can be very large. Probably, in this profession there is something from gambling - a thirst to hit the jackpot. Gradually you become addicted to such a game - you can no longer refuse.

There are many students among my ex-colleagues - a girl comes to Riga to study at a university or technical school, looks for a part-time job and ends up in one of these clubs, and then easy money and a night look lives suck. Firstly, the head is noisy in the morning - not before lectures, and secondly, the girls understand that if they ever earn such amounts, then either not in Latvia, or long and hard climbing the career ladder. However, there are girls among ours who managed to unlearn somewhere, even masters meet.

Most girls, of course, hide their occupation even from acquaintances and relatives - they say that they are dancers, administrators or waitresses. After all, whatever you say, in society the image of our profession is not the brightest - most of us condemn, especially those who have never been in such clubs. You can tell the truth to these moralists as much as you like - they won't believe you. Even if in reality you don’t go further than talking for money (in fact, the work of a psychologist).

Even if one of the girls gets married and gives birth to children, then if you do not leave the profession in time (and this requires a wealthy husband), the marriage falls apart very soon - night shifts, jealousy, alcohol, good whispering friends do your black business. If you want a happy family, leave, or better yet, move away.

I haven’t met boys among my colleagues - if one of the clients wants to talk like a man, the security guard can sit down and chat - if only they poured at the price list. Unlike men, single ladies do not come to us - sometimes a couple of women will come, but usually they do not stay long. Sexual minorities are also not our profile, they have their own places.

Personally, my clients do not evoke any romantic emotions. To put it bluntly, a man in our profession is a piece of meat with a wallet. Although, not all of them are cattle, there are many interesting and good (probably) people, but no warm emotions. The very fact of their coming to our club acts like a stop signal for me. Although there are girls who fall in love with clients and even get married. There were times when Norwegians even specially came here to look for wives.

Most of the clients are, of course, foreigners, but there are also locals. Among the latter there are many regular customers for whom evenings in such clubs are a way of life. Age is very different: from 18 to "over 80 years old". Believe me, this is not a circle of desperate impotents at all - there are a lot of young and very pretty among our clients. Especially from such "male" countries as Denmark, Germany, Norway - they have some problems with their women there, they are very independent, and they strive to sue a little.

Girls do not like to work with noisy companies - everyone dissuades each other, shares, thinks over and changes their minds. With singles, everything is easier - they go to the club for a specific purpose, they know that they want to communicate, that a girl will sit down with them, that they will have to spend money. And in general, the best of all are those who are “for” - they value communication, they are accomplished, they are with money.

According to my observations, most clients are family people, but I try not to touch on this topic: I noticed that it is embarrassing for them to discuss it. If he wants to, let him cry about how bad everything is, but I don’t get into the details myself. I just listen and don't interrupt like their wives do.

Why are they coming to us? Some want to show how rich they are - and it is not at all necessary that they are. But I do not debunk their illusions - let them fantasize, as long as they pay for real.

I noticed that people who have reached a high position in life want us to... humiliate them. There were cases, they even asked to wash the dishes in the kitchen or demanded that you step on them with your heel more painfully. Somewhere they can be understood: a person has seen everything in this life, he has a big company, where everyone is under him, everyone is afraid to say a word against - he is “bored!”, he wants strong emotions. But if a man himself wants to humiliate girls, he usually has neither special money nor position: in life he is humiliated, and he comes to us to recoup.

I like clients with whom it is interesting to communicate and learn something, otherwise you can go crazy. There are many interesting ones, because people come from all over the world - they talk about their country, city, traditions. They like to look smart and omniscient, they want compliments.

From such conversations, the most amazing things come out - from the system of the British House of Lords to the procedure for providing Japanese sex services to enjo-kosai and fashion for the dead. A person can be an environmental scientist who is concerned about polluting the world's oceans, or he can enlighten you on top-level business negotiations, which he came to Riga. Many are now willingly discussing the topic of Russia, the United States and Putin with Trump. Moreover, while the Russians talk little about this, the Americans and Swedes actively hate Putin and see traces of the “Russian mafia” everywhere. There are also individuals of blue blood - aristocrats, as they themselves claim.

Before, we all chased the Norwegians and other Scandinavians - they were perfect: calm, cheerful, well-behaved, with money. At the same time, the Swedish fisherman earns more than our professor. Now they are in a crisis - they are trying to spend as little money as possible, depressed, nervous - they sit and miser. Germans, even the wealthy, are always greedy. I can't stand Italians, especially "ragazzo la milano" - they pretend to be great mafioso, and they themselves strive to cheat in a petty way. The French are all boring (in any case, those who get here) - they need to be shaken for a long time, but other times then all this is rewarded a hundredfold. Lithuanians and Estonians are very ordinary - there are many regulars among them.

There are countries from whose representatives you don’t know what to expect - Poles, French, Russians. By the way, Russians are both among good clients and among bad ones. Previously, during the period of the Jurmala festivals, a lot of people from this wealthy party nailed to us. Among them were those who came from year to year. Including celebrities. But these are often already insane - after drinking or sniffing something, they did not stop talking. However, there were always enough girls in the clubs who would not refuse a star in pleasure.

In general, you have to be a psychologist: pick up the right key - earned. Of course, initially, almost everyone comes with the hope or intention of getting a “full program”, but if they come across a professional colloquial genre, they can leave quite happy without actually getting what they want. I don’t stand on ceremony - I got a little shy, dealt with, the main thing is to beat everything so that he would not be offended, but then he respects - some even like such adherence to principles. There are dumber girls, their only weapon is between their legs.

It must be admitted that lately many clubs do not want to look like dens of debauchery - they want to maintain the image of solid and respectable. After all, there is not so much easy money now, and regular customers are more often afraid of problems with the law.

Our task is to dance at the pole and then keep company with the guests of the club - someone will call you, you will approach someone yourself.

The main thing is that the client sits for a long time, drinks expensively and treats girls with cocktails and champagne. The price of the latter sometimes exceeds 1000 euros a bottle, however, customers often order drinks at "average" prices - in the region of 300-500 euros a bottle.

Of course, our goal is to drink as little as possible with a larger order. There are a lot of tricks for this. You can negotiate with the bartender and replace the drink with harmless juice - if they order a glass, it can work, if the bottle is not, it is opened in front of the client. You can arrange with a friend who will distract the client while you pour alcohol somewhere in a flower pot. But customers are not stupid either - there are principled ones who check what you drink and get mad if they find a substitution. Some girls masterfully get out, they say that it is unhygienic to drink from one glass or straw. Others drink.

Of course, along the way, clients get drunk, begin to fall in love and demand more, spending more and more money in the hope of getting you drunk to the desired condition and raising their “price” in your eyes. Sometimes at the finish line they behave quite like bestials - up to undressing with a demonstration of organs. But this is no longer my problem - I can’t worry about everyone, what he, poor thing, will then tell his wife about the money spent and the night scenario.

Seven years ago, the Old City was a really dangerous place - with double menus (one was shown at the entrance to the club, the other - at the payoff) and double sets of services. Veterans of the profession say that at the peak of the “fat years”, drunk clients were simply ripped off by credit cards: once the client entered the code, and then everything was removed from his card, completely devastated. Now this is no longer observed, although from time to time you hear about another “police success” in identifying an illegal jacuzzi or massage parlor.

There are girls who walk around Old Riga, pick up tipsy foreigners there and take them to a “cool place” - this, of course, is below the baseboard. Of course, no one will stand on ceremony with such a crumb who does not respect himself.

It happens that a client goes to the same club for several years, and then suddenly - abruptly changes to a new one, who ambushed him at the entrance and promised everything. Previously, a young woman could get a job for this - they would tear her hair out, pour champagne on her, push her. Now the girls somehow respect the general rules - they don’t take clients out of each other’s hands.

Since there is no more money in Latvia, many of my colleagues go on “tours” from time to time. The most terrible stories are then told about Italy. Everything there is like in a chicken coop: a shabby scene with a stick in the middle, the men walk around and choose girls, as in a marketplace, putting their hands everywhere and almost putting their heads in their mouths. They believe that they are the most beautiful and irresistible, and everything around is on a stick.

But in Norway and Denmark there are chic clubs. No one there can touch you or humiliate you. You pay taxes and insurance. They say that earlier it was possible to raise 8 thousand a month there, but now it is much less - a crisis. But the crisis is also a crisis for us, at least there you feel like a man.

I don't understand women who will stand at the counter all day for 300-400 euros. It's definitely not for me. A simple dancer or a waitress won't make a decent living either. In fact, my profession is not much different from them - I provide psychological services for tips. Sometimes very decent.

Yes, now the economic crisis is literally screaming about itself - if three to five years ago a client could easily leave 15 thousand per night in a club, now everything is more modest. But without frank divorces. The client is shown the menu almost at the entrance - he knows what it's worth. Then there is his free choice.

There are clubs that guarantee some small permanent fee (if there are no or few clients), but basically all the girls are on a percentage - a third of what you drink is yours. It happens that several thousand run up during the night, but much more often - by zero. It used to be possible to buy an apartment in 2-3 years of work - now it is not. However, few of my colleagues are able to deny themselves everything in order to save up for something. The work is hard, so in your free time you want to live without counting a penny - clothes, jewelry, car, restaurants...

I don’t know about French women, but I suspect that health may not last long - after all, alcohol and the nights are affecting. Therefore, I want to save up a certain amount abroad and put an end to this business. Perhaps I will open a psychological practice - in something, but in this matter I am already a doctor, probably. Becoming just a husband's wife is clearly not my thing. I know men too well.

As it happens most often

The advantages of consummation are small. Basically, this is learning the language and communicating with interesting (not always) people

The cons are much more significant.

Alcoholism. Although in some establishments cocktails are made for girls and not as strong as for customers, but all the same, the consumption of a large amount of such drinks does not contribute to healthy kidneys and liver.

Forced prostitution. The fact is that consumption, along with the business of dancers, stands next to this phenomenon. Sometimes it is impossible to distinguish where the consumant ends and the prostitute begins.


An invitation to a foreign country for consummation is very often a veiled recruitment into prostitution. And it's good if the girls know about it. It’s worse when, upon arrival far away, the girl is confronted with the fact that the cost of cocktails is lower than she was promised when recruiting, that rich lovers of drinking and chatting are less than they were promised when recruiting, the percentage of the glass is not 30, but 20, or even 10, but there are much more lovers to stick in the back room. And offers of sex come quite regularly. So, the girl faces a choice - either go home without a penny of money or accept invitations and have sex.

If you are going to sell your body, then everything is in order. But if you really think that you are being taken to another country to sell cocktails and salads to men, then you have to ask yourself:

Why did they choose me? Why don't local girls work there, since the conditions are so good?

The answer is simple:

Yes, they are often recruited for consumption in impoverished Greece, Cyprus and other similar countries. Will local girls really refuse to receive 1500 euros that agents promise you? No, of course they won't. One and a half thousand euros is money everywhere. It's just that local girls know that no one will get that kind of money for this. But the fool from Kungur, who will come to Greece, will be helpless and will do what she is ordered to do. Simply put, suck for a penny.