Congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day

The best congratulations for men on the most masculine and most brutal day of the calendar! Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, guys! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

To become a man - it is not enough for them to be born, To become iron - it is not enough to be an ore, You must be melted down, broken, And, like ore, sacrifice yourself. We wish you health and good luck. May joy and dreams be near. And may of all the male moral qualities In you, kindness remains the strongest.

We praise those who did not cry From their pain, But did not hide their tears On the graves of friends, Those who were a man Not in words, Did not celebrate a coward, Sitting in the bushes, Those best Sons of mankind, Those who are on guard of the Fatherland!

We congratulate you warmly, Happy Army and Navy Day, Let there be joy from what someone remembers, honors and loves. And let the smile flash, And let the wrinkles smooth out, And let the spring sing in the soul, Today is your holiday, men. February, the last step of winter, It tends to the end, But let the heart continue, As in youth, beat.

What do men need? I found out recently. A bank account with a six-zero capital,

Reliable friends, grandiose prospects, Five-room and five-star dwellings, A whole supply of disposable socks, Face-control everywhere once, So that your car was better and cooler, Gasoline is endless, the weather is without clouds, Traffic cops kind, no traffic jams, a girlfriend, so that legs grow from her ears, so that she never asks for money, she was silent about marriage and wore beer, the boss praised her for intelligence and courage, and gave out bonuses without straining, the salary increased, the team respected, And in connection with this, quite capital grew, So that the cat Masyanya was happy with everything, Slept somewhere nearby, and meowed modestly, It would also be nice to teach her: Cook, wash, go to work. Oh, yes, and, of course, to be president, Still a rock star and a legend. And if everything that I state is true, then I wish you all this.

Cannons, machine guns are firing, Rockets with bombs are flying, And in the sky, brave pilots masterfully shoot down each other. Flames are burning, mines are bursting, Mountains of corpses lie everywhere, And tanks with a deadly wedge Crush peaceful fences. And the commander, taking an eraser, Bent over a military map.... This, I understand, is a holiday, Not like, damn it, March 8!

You are a man, which means so much, You are strong and beautiful in everything! May the straight road of life lead you to your happiness. I wish green light In undertakings, accomplishments, deeds. For life to be warmed by caress, For joy to sparkle in the eyes.

A man is the steel of a spring, A motor singing in the sky, A single formidable step of the squad, an eagle's scream in the heights of the mountains. A man is a clot of pepper, A firm hand of a master And a heart that loves women: So let's drink to a man!