Concentration as a core business skill

What determines our ability to be successful? The main key to success is the ability to concentrate. How to learn to manage your attention and get what you want?

How do you think career success begins? With the "right" personality traits? From studying business processes inside and out? What ultimately determines our ability to be successful?

Renowned psychiatrist and world-renowned expert on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Edward Hallowell assures us that the key to success is the ability to concentrate.

In Don't Distract Me, he talks about how to learn to control your attention and get what you want.

The Age of Distractions

How many times do you think a modern person is distracted from his tasks during the day? The answer may shock you: almost 200 times. What makes up this number?

118 times we are distracted by gadgets with their messages, notifications, reminders. 30 times during the day we are distracted by friends, relatives and colleagues. And the remaining 52 times are due to our own absent-mindedness, when we suddenly want to look out the window, surf the Internet, go out for coffee, chat with someone.

How to maintain concentration in such a rhythm and generally achieve your goals?

Gadget addiction diary

First step: get rid of the slavery of electronic devices. To do this, you need to honestly estimate how much time you use electronic devices daily. Keep a diary of time spent in front of the monitor. Just record when you start and finish, or talk into a voice recorder. After reviewing your time diary, consider how you can shorten it. Just don't say you can't do anything. You can do everything just fine. This is the biggest (or almost the biggest) waste of time in your life, so reducing it is simply necessary, and not only possible.

Minute To Do List

Most people get distracted by their smartphones because they get bored. Especially for such situations, make a list of things that you will do when you get bored. Remember how many small things you have that your hands do not reach: call your aunt in Saratov, read a book that has been waiting in the wings for six months, congratulate a business partner or client on the birth of a child. Or write a management report that you keep putting off.

By the way, in the fight against distractions, convince your employees to develop a uniform policy regarding e-mail and other text messages:

agree on when you can send letters, and when it is better to refrain from it, what should be response time, how long the letter can be so as not to cause difficulty in reading, etc.

Learn to say “No”

"- this, so to speak, is an occupational disease of kind and conscientious people. She is able to drive you into the position of an eternally overloaded and overworked person. Learn to politely refuse people their requests.

In order to politely refuse, you need to say something like this: “I would gladly fulfill your request if I had time, but, unfortunately, the situation is such that I cannot do the work of sufficient quality and fast".

Convince yourself that the answer "no" is correct, good and appropriate. Realize that by saying the word "no" you are showing a courtesy. You warn that right now you are not the person who can best solve the problem. Management will only benefit if they know about this, and will not experience anything for you but gratitude.

Don't procrastinate

Very often we get distracted because we have a lot of ideas and projects in our head, and we don't know how to take them on. Now write down your ideas. Explore the list to find out which item inspires you the most. After that, create a structure that will help you first make a decision and then bring it to life. At the same time, make a list of people who might be able to help you: friends, professionals, colleagues, relatives, anyone - as long as these people, in your opinion, can and want to help you.

Rejoice in your gift: you have many ideas. You just need to make the necessary contacts - there are many people who have few ideas of their own, but they know how to bring others to life - and then you will see how the opportunities you once found become a reality.

Remember: what controls your attention controls you. This book will teach you how to stay focused on your own success.