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Common male mistakes you should never make

Be smarter and learn from other people's mistakes that take time, effort and money from you. Men love to step on their favorite rake, which hurt the forehead of more than one representative of the stronger sex. How to avoid the main and most frequent male mistakes? Standard male mistakes that take away strength make life worse, and turn a person into a loser.

You can make mistakes and then heroically correct them. But why? Mistakes take time, energy and money from you. The smartest people learn from the mistakes of others. What should not be done and what mistakes do men most often make? Standard male mistakes to avoid.

1. Hoping to make money quickly

We have an ineradicable desire to make money quickly through casinos, gambling, financial pyramids, trading, Forex, online poker and other dubious scams. In 99% of cases, this makes a person even poorer, depriving him of the chance to get out of a difficult financial situation and taking his last money. As the swindler Sergey Mavrodi said: "The sucker is not a mammoth - he will never die out." It is freebies that lure suckers. Are you a liar?

2. Stop drinking

How many times have you quit drinking after a big drink and promised never to drink? This cycle and promises are endless. If you really want to stop drinking or limit your alcohol intake, then start doing it not after drinking. Alcohol makes a person weaker and slowly turns him into a loser.

3. Lying to a girl

You can lie to a girl for a long time and cheat on her, but it is foolish to hope that this will remain a secret. Everything hidden sooner or later becomes clear. Women have intuition, perfectly see lies and know how to arrange checks. If a girl does not see betrayal, then it is beneficial for her, or she herself is not without sin. Another question: “Why do you need a girl who has to lie?”

4. Squander the loot

When “extra” money appears, the man begins to scatter money and make unnecessary purchases. Stop wasting your hard earned money on nonsense. So you can never improve your financial situation. It is also stupid to “buy” girls for yourself for loot and gifts. It's like admitting right away that you're a freak and a loser that girls won't date without money.

Often men are afraid to approach the girl they like and bitterly regret when she has already disappeared. Sometimes men do not use the chances given by life, preferring a cozy and inferior swamp. Stop being an indecisive mumbler and a weakling. In life, you need to take risks, but this risk must be conscious. Who does not take risks does not live. Many men are in no hurry to go anywhere, as a result they miss all the opportunities. Life is too short to hesitate for a long time, be lazy and wait for a miracle. Live and act right now.

6. Ignore safety rules

Men die more often than women because they like to ignore basic safety precautions. Men often take risks, do not pay attention to danger, do not go to doctors and do not follow common sense. So many men end up in jail, in a hospital bed, or in a graveyard. All that was needed was a modicum of caution.

7. Not taking care of themselves

Many men do not take care of their body, which they got. Try to get the most out of your looks. Start with wardrobe, body and face care. Also, sign up for a gym. This will help make the body more athletic, sexy and desirable for girls.

8. Chasing money only

Men chase money in the hope that it will solve all problems. But in reality, things that make you happy are completely different. Try, on the way for money, to achieve your other innermost goals and dreams. Be happy along the way. Life is too short to put off happiness until later.

And what standard male mistakes do you know or do?