Chercher La Blonde..

At all times, blondes have been the object of adoration, the object of the most daring male fantasies. Only the gods of Olympus and the powers that be could possess them.

Paradoxically, it is the strong half of the human race that is most susceptible to all sorts of weaknesses. And in order to justify themselves in their own eyes, men have found a universal formula: "Cherchet la femme." It is paradoxical, but true: everything that happens in the lives of men happens precisely because of women. But no less paradoxical is that because of blondes, this happens much more often. And yet, as the title of the old movie says, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." That is why the slogan "Cherchet la blond" becomes relevant today.

From Olympus to the masses.

At all times, blondes have been the object of adoration, the object of the most daring male fantasies, personifying both happiness and fate, temptation and innocence. At first, only the gods of Olympus and the powers that be could possess them. Then mortals tasted the same joy. And with joy comes problems. Suffice it to recall what Troy has become - and all because of the golden-haired Helen. And the famous Odysseus - no matter how much he wandered around the world, no matter how much he amused himself with queens and soothsayers, and everything drew him to his blond Penelope. Even the ancestor of mankind, Eve, was portrayed by the great artists of the Renaissance as a blonde.

The modern Munich psychologist Stefan Lermer, who has been dealing with the phenomenon of blondes for more than twenty years, called blond hair "the most important factor in flirting." Blonde hair for most is associated with light, sun and gold. And light and gold at all times were considered the most powerful magnet.

The first fashion for blond women arose through the efforts of the great Julius Caesar. The barbarians from the banks of the Rhine did not really please the Roman emperor and commander. But the tall, slender barbarians, who fought desperately with men against the Roman legionnaires, disturbed the emperor's imagination extremely. By his order, during the capture of enemy cities, they were not killed, but taken prisoner, turning them into concubines. And the golden braids of captives were considered the most valuable gift that a soldier could bring from the battlefield. Yes, and the Roman matrons willingly wove them into their hairstyles.

In the seventeenth century, it became customary among society ladies to wear snow-white wigs over their own hairstyles. Later, they became the subject of etiquette, which even men obeyed. And in the eighteenth century, it came to the point that “wearing” your natural hair was considered indecent at all.

In the footsteps of the "blonde beast".

It follows from the history of philosophy that the fashion for blondes appeared much earlier than the fashion for materialistic dialectics. If Europe owes the “ghost of communism” to the old man Marx, then the idea of ​​the “blond beast” excited European minds long before Nietzsche gave it a philosophical justification. Gretchen from "Faust", Krimgilda from "Nibelungen", Lorelei - all these are fair-haired beauties, symbolizing both temptation and danger, death and salvation.

Our domestic literature, with its inherent humanism, has introduced a new, optimistic accent into the attitude towards blondes. In Russian fairy tales, for example, if it was about evil and deceit, then they were certainly personified by a burning brunette. And if on the contrary - tenderness and meekness were required - then call Alyonushka, the blonde. And the beauty and worldly wisdom of our compatriot Roksolana forced even non-Christian peoples to reconsider their views - not only on blondes, but also on the social role of women in general.

Part of the leadership of the blondes was due to the maximalism of Christian doctrines, gravitating toward the orthodox division of the world into black and white. Dark-haired women were willingly attributed to the habits of witches, on which it was convenient to write off such troubles as crop failure, drought, or loss of cattle. No one would have suspected the Snow Maiden of such outrages. And although the end of the Bazhov story is far from a happy ending, in the eyes of public opinion, blonde women finally received the benefit of the doubt. And since this opinion most often turned out to be male, then, according to scientists, its origins should be sought in the depths of male nature.

Anthropologists unanimously argue that the preference for blondes over the stronger sex suggests the instinct of self-preservation. If in relations with his own kind a man is forced to strain, then with women next to him, naturally, he wants to relax. And the less a woman outwardly reminds him of an opponent, the more likely relaxation is. In terms of “safety”, blondes inspire much more confidence: their skin is thinner and more elastic, there is practically no hair on the face and limbs, and on the head it is much softer than that of their dark-haired sisters. Agreeing with anthropologists, we, of course, take a risk: in revenge for such hints, brunettes can easily throw tomatoes at them. Well, well, don't take it so literally.

The fact is that fair hair is a recessive trait associated with a more dependent role in reproduction. The rate of adrenaline production - with all the consequences for men - is much higher in brunettes than in blondes. Therefore, the latter is somehow calmer. Take two contrasting female looks for comparison. On the one hand, the soft and feminine blonde Claudia Schiffer, radiating goodwill and almost availability. On the other hand, the brunette Naomi Campbell, who firmly established the image of the “black bitch” in the male mind. And if you still prefer the latter, you can put off reading on this. But at the same time, keep in mind that you will be in the minority...

Blondes and technological progress.

It is known that 72% of all men in the world prefer blondes. Of course, they owe such a high rating primarily to the media and mass art, the most important of which, as you know, is cinema. Therefore, it is no coincidence that our twentieth century became the era of blondes, in which these "catalysts" reached their climax.

Like any mania, blondomania naturally involved sacrifices. But these sacrifices were always voluntary. “Men around me... they fly like moths to the light, but if someone scorches their wings, I have nothing to do with it,” the divine Marlene Dietrich sang in the film “The Blue Angel”. Her beauty was alternately sung by Cocteau and Remarque, the most influential men of the 20th century, including Hitler and Hemingway, fell in love with her.

“The blond queen of eroticism” – not only the French spoke about her that way.

In the dreams of millions of Soviet moviegoers, in whose incomprehensible cocktail eroticism and patriotism were mixed, Lyubov Orlova settled down for a long time. Well, the male excitement that arose around Marilyn Monroe, "blonde No. 1 of the twentieth century," became simply a textbook. The Marilyn myth is alive to this day. For more than thirty years, there has been a competition of her blonde twins, who with awe put on the same dresses, memorize her gestures, copy her poses, try to portray her charming smile and master her amazing walk.

Needless to say, what a powerful magnifying glass for blondes has become the modern modeling business. Karen Mulder, Nadia Auerman, Linda Evangelista, Daniela Pestova - these names have become a symbol of the special blonde style today. Remembering domestic top models, our reader will immediately name Christina Krasovskaya, Anya Shevtsova, Oksana Volkova, Anya Lukashenko and many other Ukrainian beauties. Speaking of beauties: in recent years, only blondes have won the national contest "Miss Ukraine".

Those who often watch TV have probably noticed that most of the hosts of various programs are still the same blondes. It is no coincidence that in Europe and the USA, out of 14 women who read the news from the screen, 12 are fair-haired. Psychologists say that even bad news is easier to perceive if a blonde reads it. In general, having concluded a “pact of friendship and mutual assistance” with the media, the blondes became the flagship of public taste and finally captured the minds of our time.

Blonde mania: pros and cons.

Like any social phenomenon, blonde mania grew not only with fierce supporters, but also with determined opponents, but at the same time, it did not leave anyone indifferent. The recognized master of the nightmare, Alfred Hitchcock, did not hide his unusual obsession with blondes - he saw them as "the best victims." “Their advantage is,” the director argued, “that the bloodstains are amazing for them.”

Definitely unattractive blondes today are considered only where, contrary to civilization and progress, the blonde has not set foot yet. And where there are no blondes, there are no films, television, newspapers, and Marilyn Monroe is considered the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of South Africa. The hero of the ecological film "The Gods Must Be Crazy", a naive Bushman, gave the original impressions of the meeting with the blonde. “And then,” he says, “I met the ugliest woman in the world. She was so white, as if she had lain under a rotten snag all her life. There are not so many supporters of such an "environmental" point of view in the general mass.

Although, other opponents of the “bright suit” build their prejudices on even more shaky arguments. Some argue that blondes are cold and unromantic. Others insist that they are stupid and cloyingly obedient. No matter how! For example, Nastasya Kinski or Sharon Stone can hardly be called frigid, which is confirmed at least by the large number of their husbands and lovers. There were legends about Marina Vlady's passionate love for Vladimir Vysotsky. And the famous French actor Jean Gabin, who fell madly in love with Marlene Dietrich in 1940, admitted in his memoirs that he was ready to leave his home, family, work for this woman, go to the ends of the world with her and be there until she leaves. him, of which he was quite sure. In turn, Marlene, for the sake of a minute meeting with Gabin, once put on a military uniform and went into the army. Learning that the part where her lover served was located near the Belgian border, she got a jeep and rushed to him. Gabin remembered this all his life.

With the appearance on the movie screens of Brigitte Bardot, an erotic boom began all over the male world. Sometimes things reached the point of absurdity. For example, the Soviet customs received a directive from the Politburo - to confiscate photographs of a sultry blonde from all those entering the country. And in the US, the Dallas authorities have banned the demonstration of films with the participation of Brigitte Bardot in black neighborhoods in order to protect their inhabitants from overexcitation. The actress herself has experienced a record number of marriages. “When a man has many mistresses, they say about him that he is a Don Juan. When a woman has many lovers, she is called a whore… Where is the justice?” Bridget complained.


The triumph of the blonde style.

But perhaps the most interesting of the paradoxes of blonde mania is that 75% of women living on Earth are dark-haired. And only 14% are naturally blond. Only every fifteenth of the blondes around us is real, that is, not dyed, not tinted or not clarified. Natural blondes, alas, are an endangered species. As we already know, blond hair is a recessive trait, which means that the probability of passing it on to a child is small. Some studies even scare us with the fact that in the middle of the 21st century the last blond child will be born. But even if natural blondes are transferred, then humanity will most likely not notice this. The only one gleefully rubbing their hands in anticipation of such a prospect are the manufacturers of hair coloring products.

Women who have lightened their hair at least once simply cannot refuse it, because they have already experienced what power over men is. In the film with a very symbolic name "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", it was no coincidence that the main character was played by Marilyn Monroe - "blonde from head to toe." Actually, the real career of Marilyn herself began precisely when she turned into a blonde. Year after year, the dark-haired debutante made her way in Hollywood, but apart from unremarkable roles, she was offered nothing. Until one day her agent threw a "hack" - to appear in an advertisement for another "magic tool" for lightening hair. The result exceeded all expectations - her famous platinum curls were born. And a sharp joke: "Nothing paints a woman like hydrogen peroxide."

The habit of using light-colored hair dyes can only be compared to cocaine addiction. Sharon Stone and Kim Bassinger argue that this is not possible at all. Although the latter once had to bring a serious sacrifice to the altar of blonde mania. At last year's Oscar ceremony, the actress had to appear cut like a schoolboy. But Kim did not refuse the joys of perhydrol.

But the legendary Madonna changed her platinum curls for straight black hair. And everyone unanimously immediately began to say that this was no longer Madonna at all, but simply Louise Ciccone - most of the singer's fans liked her former appearance more.

For men who are unable to resist the “white charm”, we advise you to be especially vigilant - is it really white, in the sense of real? The fact that 72% of gentlemen prefer blondes is well aware of the "workers of the night" - the inhabitants of nightlife. The unnaturally white tone of their hair - “under Monroe” - is not an element of style, but a characteristic feature of their profession. However, connoisseurs of the blonde style can easily distinguish several shades of this richest color. And according to some signs - even the temperament and type of "his" blonde. Some researchers of the phenomenon of blondes divide them into several types.

Sunny: Marina Vlady, Claudia Schiffer, Princess Diana; Gorgeous: Marlene Dietrich, Ivana Trump; Dangerous: Sharon Stone, Kim Bassinger; and finally Sex bombs: Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot.

And let the brunettes and their admirers console themselves, claiming that dark curls are a symbol of fatal passion. Passion, sadly, tends to fade over time. A blonde is always a mystery, which sometimes takes a lifetime to unravel. Regardless of the type and shade - this is definitely a godsend! So, gentlemen, "cherchet la blond" - look for a blonde, each to your own. And once you find it, be sure - you won't regret it!

Photo: Vincent Boiteau

Author: Ya. Mednikov, O. Loshkarev ​