Character traits of the poor and losers that need to get rid of today

All stories of unhappy and unsuccessful lives begin the same way. People acquire some features of the poor and losers, which dooms themselves to a dysfunctional life. What negative traits prevent you from living? Secrets of a good life.

What is the basis of your house that you are building? It is useless to build something worthwhile on loose bricks or rotten logs. It will turn out to be a hut on chicken legs, and not a solid house. You are doomed to fail, no matter how hard you try. So the whole future life depends on the character of a person.

Negative character traits that make a person a failure

Lack of sociability and isolation

Career, business, personal life, friends. It all depends on the ability to talk and communicate with others. Some people are extremely unsociable, closed, modest and passive in communication. As a result, they cannot establish contacts with people. In life, it is important to cooperate with people, not to avoid them. People will bring you opportunities, money, connections, communication and impact on life.

Excessive extravagance

People are not accustomed to value their main resources: time, effort and money. They scatter all this, depriving themselves of the opportunity to concentrate reserves for a breakthrough. Resources are too important not to value them.

  • Time. We waste time like sand, and then we are surprised at our age and missed opportunities.
  • Forces. We spend energy on unnecessary things and various nonsense. We spend a lot of energy on something that won't matter in a couple of years.
  • Money. We spend money on anything when wages or income burn our pocket. We take loans and installments, falling into bondage with banks for decades. Do not scatter and value your main resources: time, effort and money.

Lack of flexibility

Straightforwardness is only good in silly movies where the protagonist is always pushing ahead. But in real life, you need flexibility in communicating decisions and actions. Life is unpredictable, which requires a unique approach to each situation. Why waste energy breaking a closed door with your forehead? Maybe it's easier to find another door or window?

Wrong environment

Often we communicate all our lives with only one people with whom we studied or work. But this is not always the best environment for you. If you want to achieve something in life, you should expand your circle of friends. Look for people who are smarter and wiser. With which you can grow and develop, and not just drink beer. Often it is your drinking buddies that stand in the way of your growth and drag you back into the abyss of losers.

Choosing a job you hate

If you do a job or a job that you hate, you will never be a winner in life. Find yourself another job, specialty and occupation that you like. Or love what you do. Success is possible only in those areas to which you have a soul.


Circumstances and the modern world are changing rapidly. What worked yesterday is useless today. Conservatism is characteristic of narrow-minded people with weak imagination and inability to adapt to circumstances. They are limited by their own limits and follow the same path. When adaptability and the ability to catch a new wave are important in life. Therefore, conservative people and businesses are sinking, giving way to innovators.

Lack of confidence and courage to act

Doubts, modesty, uncertainty, stiffness. A big part of people's problems is that they don't believe in themselves. Where someone was born, there he came in handy! Every cricket know your hearth! All such thoughts lead to the fact that a person remains a loser. Winners don't think they can lose. They may lose a few battles, but not the whole war. Believe in yourself. This is where the new path to the dream begins. Your future depends only on you. Will you be a failure or will you achieve everything you dreamed of.

And what character traits of the poor and the losers do you have? Just don't lie to yourself.