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Character trait that turns an ugly man into a handsome man

For ugly men there is a weighty trump card that can become decisive in the struggle for female attention. According to research, there is one character trait that can turn an ordinary man into a handsome man.

Recent studies have shown that a man of average appearance can become significantly more attractive to the opposite sex if he demonstrates his creativity.

But for women of unremarkable appearance, oddly enough, creativity will not help in any way - they should look for other ways to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, for the "gray mice" excessive creativity can even become an obstacle to personal happiness.

Study author Dr. Christopher Watkins explains:

“Creative but ugly women are more likely to be rejected anyway.”

But for ugly men, creativity is a very powerful trump card that can become decisive in the struggle for female attention, says Watkins.

But, of course, the luckiest men are those who are both creative and good-looking.

Creativity is so important for men because in our minds, a rich imagination is partly associated with intelligence.

Dr. Watkins says:

“Women tend to be much more selective in romantic relationships. And the creativity of a potential partner is a signal that this particular person is able to devote time and energy to solving a certain problem or finding new, unexpected ways to solve it, which can be very useful for survival.”

Unfortunately, the modern world of online romance is too superficial, and a man may never get the opportunity to demonstrate his creativity.

In the real modern world, women only say that friendship and respect from a potential partner are in the first place for them. When it comes to real choice, looks are the deciding factor.

In the course of sociological research, women almost always chose the most physically attractive men, paying little attention to their personality traits. This was especially true for young women - they almost didn’t care if a man was trustworthy, how polite or honest he was - they were attracted only by physical form.

In a world of superficial communication, the character traits of an unattractive man can do little to help him. To win a woman's heart, he will have to show ingenuity and demonstrate to the chosen one his ability to be creative - then he will have a good chance.

The results of the study were published in the scientific journal Royal Society Open Science (Watkins, 2017).