Caution, female pickup truck!

We will tell you the secrets of seduction that the fair sex uses in the women's pickup. But what to do after you have figured it out - decide for yourself.

It's no secret that we love to live with a sense of satisfaction, complete harmony in everything and an easy, but slightly careless idyll. That is why we are looking for all kinds of ways to acquire or improve our lives.

Men have been “figuring out” for a long time how to live their lives with benefit and pleasure. They cast their lines and wait for the next "fish" to fall on their hook. Almost any woman for whom male charm and a sea of ​​compliments mean a lot can become this fish. Yes, of course, if possible, we try our best to avoid such boyfriends, but their attractive power attracts, and again and again we fall into the net of "insidious villains" of seducers.

And one fine day we get tired of all this, and, taking an example from the stronger sex, we try to repeat their triumphal victories of seduction. And you know, we are doing well, the main thing is to find a middle ground between a charming shy girl and a “gray mouse”.

Men are afraid of the female pickup, because the strong sex wants to remain everywhere and always the strong sex, and here it turns out that they are used and used just for another check mark among many of the same who fell for the spell of seduction.

In order for a man to escape from a woman's pickup, it is necessary to know those elements and secrets of seduction that a woman uses when meeting, talking, or just being next to him. To find out, you do not need to be an expert in female psychology, just take a closer look at your companion. So:

- if a woman, looking at you, from time to time straightens her hair with her hands, throws it back, gently swings it from side to side, then this is the first sign of seduction;

- if other parts of the body (most often the neck, face, lips, legs) also constantly require your attention, that is, she, as if by chance, runs her hand along her neck, touches or bites her lips, then this is a possible the second sign of a female pickup truck;

- if when moving away from you or vice versa approaching you, her gait reminds you of the steps of a top model, that is, the girl begins to wag her booty and hips, this is definitely another reason to think about renting you for the night;

- if a woman looks at you furtively, as if inviting you to her, but at the same time looks away as soon as you look at her point-blank - this is something for which you should not establish a close relationship with this lady;

- if, while watching a woman, you notice how she strokes, for example, a glass leg, a lighter or other object, and at the same time sometimes looks at you, then be prepared for her attack, in which she will gain victory if you fall for her "tricks";

- if she alternately crosses her legs, that is, puts one leg on the other, then vice versa, while also looking askance at you, all this may indicate her “pick-up”.

The main goal of all these elements of a pickup truck is to make a man look at her, pay attention to all these gestures that she does so effectively. Those men who do not notice this or simply do not want to see it usually win this difficult struggle of seduction, and then the temptress either retreats, having found a worthy replacement, or goes on the offensive.

You know, dear men, in the case when you have already fallen for the charm of a cute stranger, that is, fell into the clutches of a female pickup truck, show yourself only with best side, do the best you can. But if you figured out your seductress in advance, then you can have fun and take revenge, so to speak, for all the men that she has under the checkmark. This can be achieved if, after seducing you, you suddenly refuse her sex and say that she is a bad actress and pickups are not her forte. In general, a pro-picked man seems to be losing his manhood, even if you want, his honor, so learn to understand people and do not have sex with just anyone, just because the girl seemed to like you. After all, then you will turn into just a “bull's eye” on her target, which she will definitely hit if you do not resist.

But you know, dear men, at least a female pickup truck makes us, the weaker sex, stronger than you. At least we can answer you with something to your endless hiring of prostitutes, to your sprees and other disrespect for the female sex.