Caution: Energy Vampire

Don't deal with an energy vampire like a man. Ways to protect yourself from energy vampires. Get to know the energy vampire.

Communication with this or that person always carries an energetic coloring. It seems that they talked as if about nothing, but the forces left, neither arms nor legs could be raised. Fatigue and weakness that came out of nowhere is the result of a meeting with an energy vampire, a person who does not know how to replenish energy from nature, food, water, but lives by “eating” the energy reserves of others. It is easy to meet such people in transport, at work, in line. There are serious ways to protect against such individuals.

The nature of energy vampirism.

Energy vampirism is a way of survival of a person with destroyed internal connections. In certain periods of life, each person can “eat” at the expense of another, getting sick or being in a stressful state, when psychological help from others is needed. However, there are extreme cases in which an energy vampire is born with a “leaky” energy shell surrounding his physical body: no matter how much energy he takes from nature, he always needs an alternative source of nourishment, otherwise he is doomed to death.

Psychologists call such people selfish, in fact, the nature of vampirism is the need for survival. Depending on how large a gap is formed in the energy shell of a vampire, his strength is measured. A small hole requires very little energy from human donors, a person can eat completely unnoticed by others. If there are a lot of fistulas in the shell, communication with such people turns into torture. It has been noticed that two vampires cannot exist in one team or family, they simply have nothing to exchange.

How to recognize an energy vampire.

There are several signs of energy vampirism: these people try to extract a sharp surge of emotions from others either through scandals, insults, or through constant tediousness. After the negativity raging in the family or circle of friends, the vampire is usually “well-fed” and satisfied, goes aside, having done his dirty deed. The more tense and complex the relationship between people, the more certain it can be argued that a vampire has settled here.

Energy vampires are divided into solar and lunar. The Sun Vampire is a violent, highly aggressive, and highly selfish individual. You can recognize it by the dark red or purple lines on the palms of the hands: the blood of such people is extremely slagged, like all other organs.

Lunar vampire sluggishly and calmly pulls the soul from another person, monotonously, daily, speaks only about his problems, which he never ends. He does not swear, he does not scandal, he whines, tediously reporting his endless troubles in life. No matter how much advice you give him, he will not do anything to eliminate congestion. After communicating with such a vampire, you want to sleep, your throat starts to tickle, you feel lethargy and indifference.

Methods of protection.

The best way to protect yourself from a vampire is to leave him. However, this is not always possible in a team or family setting. For example, a sick elderly relative is almost always an energy vampire, but leaving him alone means dooming him to slow dying, an unbearable condition that can end in suicide. Transferring your energy to such patients means help in survival, while the donor needs to constantly replenish his energy supply by dousing himself with cold water, doing breathing exercises, meditation, physical exercises, undergoing acupuncture and massage courses.

The main way to protect yourself from an energy vampire is faith in yourself, your strengths, positive thinking, cheerfulness, love for yourself, life and others. Then the constant influx of natural energy will need its generous return. True, there will be a lot of vampires in the environment, the pure energy of the donor is like a fresh breath of air for them. From any action that a person performs, it is always important to enjoy, then no vampires are scary.

Prevention of vampirism.

In ancient times, when diagnosing such diseases, doctors recommended bloodletting to vampires. In modern conditions, hirudotherapy can help treatment. This method of blood purification helps to restore the energy shell of a person.

Daily dousing with cold water will help release accumulated negative energy: resentment, irritation, anger, jealousy will go away under an icy stream. There are many interesting exercises to relieve stress, "patching" energy holes. It is enough to mentally build a brick wall between yourself and the interlocutor, in whom a vampire was found, in order to stop pumping out energy. Another effective way to protect against rupture of your own energy shell: you need to close your eyes and imagine yourself inside a dense light cocoon, or an egg that has no holes. 10-15 minutes of this inner meditation every day will help you learn to enjoy life without outside help.

Energy vampires always live nearby, each of us can become them at different moments of life. There is no need to be afraid of this: energy exchange is the most important thing for which people live and work together. Being able to help yourself and an unfortunate vampire is much more difficult than just giving away some of your light energy.

Author: Zhanna Pyatirikova