Causes of a woman's lack of orgasm

Many women complain about the lack of orgasm in bed. What is the cause of female dissatisfaction and what to do? The reasons for the lack of orgasm in a woman.

Lack of experience

Some girls do not get the ability to have an orgasm and fully enjoy their sex life immediately, but only after 1-2 after the start of sexual activity.

Fear of getting pregnant

When there is a risk of getting an unwanted pregnancy, a woman cannot be relaxed, and her thoughts are clearly not occupied with pleasure.

Disharmony with a partner

Perhaps a man does not know how to please his partner. It often happens that she cannot tell him what she wants. Because of this, everything goes along the chain - sex - lack of orgasm - psychological dissatisfaction.

Gynecological diseases

Some female diseases, such as inflammation of the genital organs or tumors, cause discomfort during intercourse.

A new sexual partner

Sometimes it takes time to fully enjoy sex with a new partner. Over time, your partner will learn what you like and how you enjoy the most.

Negative attitude towards yourself and your body

A woman who does not love her body and does not recognize herself as sexy and desirable is unlikely to be able to get an orgasm. Often her thoughts during sex are occupied with how she looks.

The feeling of not living up to the expectations of the partner

A certain attitude, and in this case the feeling of giving pleasure to the partner, not looking inexperienced, etc. distract from the main thing - enjoyment.

Psychological disorders

Depression, neurosis and other nervous disorders disrupt the quality of life in general and primarily affect its sexual side.

Lack of feelings for a partner

Whatever one may say, spiritual intimacy with a partner is extremely important for a woman. And if feelings have long cooled down, she is unlikely to be able to be at the top of pleasure.