Breakfast Meals That Will Boost Your Attraction

People live with a chronic deficiency of this nutrient. This can cause a lack of estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

“Sex drive is affected by many factors, including relationship problems, stress or fatigue,” reports Claudia Tanner in the British Daily Mail. “Nutrition can also directly influence the hormones that determine whether you are in the mood to make love.”

“According to a nutritionist, you can increase your libido by choosing the right breakfast foods and making sure they are high in vitamin D,” the article says. “Studies show that our people are chronically deficient in this nutrient. This can cause a lack of estrogen in women and testosterone in men.”

“It is striking that scientists estimate that one in five adults do not get enough of the “vitamin of the sun,” the author reports.

“Rob Hobson, CEO of London-based Healthspan Nutrition, recommends eating mushrooms, fortified breakfast cereals, mackerel and eggs for breakfast to boost your vitamin D levels,” the article says.

“I usually say that nutrition is of paramount importance for obtaining nutrients. But vitamin D is actually pretty hard to get from diet alone. There are very few foods that contain vitamin D. Its main source is oily fish. It can be found in small amounts in eggs and mushrooms. Vitamin D can also be found in fortified foods such as breakfast cereals and margarine spreads,” Hobson said.

He also added: “Furthermore, our latest study showed that the British live like moles with less than 10 hours of sun per week during the winter months. Therefore, it is difficult to get vitamin D from food alone and from exposure to sunlight, especially in winter. Therefore, vitamin D supplementation is recommended. Health England recommends a 10mg dose for everyone.”

Source: Daily Mail