Carter Lowe Creator, entrepreneur, and self-care advocate
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Break the rules of life

Life is short, boring, dull, and mundane unless you break the rules. We worry too much about stupid things, we love little, we are afraid to take risks, we do not follow our dreams, and we rarely enjoy life. The rules of life must be broken, and not adhere to what does not allow you to fully open up.

This world is full of conventions and rules that came up before us. Often we are up to a certain age as if in suspended animation. It seems to us that the whole life is still ahead and time in bulk, and we write everything on a draft, which can then be redone. But it's not.

Your life has been going on for a long time, and you have already turned from promising and promising to ordinary. Why did it happen? All your life you kept to some rules imposed from outside, when they only prevented you from turning around and acting more boldly. The rules of life must be broken if you want to have time to jump into the last car that brings you dreams and happiness.

Don't be modest

Too many of us are too modest, timid, timid, indecisive, doubtful and shy. In this world, everyone does not care about you, and you are also modest. The chances of getting out of the crowd and achieving something are zero, or rather even negative. Modesty does not decorate, but only prevents you from taking everything that is yours by right.

Don't be modest if you want to achieve something. Approach the girls you like and boldly get to know each other? This is the only correct option. Let other timid losers be afraid to approach girls, sleep alone and not start a family. You do not need it.

Modesty interferes everywhere, from work to friendship with people. Weaklings always give in and then fade into the shadows. Stop being shy and be modest in life. Be bolder at work, in business, in life. Communicate more boldly with people and show more initiative. Do not be afraid to stand out, do not shy away from responsibility and do not be shy in crucial moments. The world doesn't care about you anyway, and you're also timid.

Break the rules of life

What do you want to get or do? If it's not against the law, then why aren't you doing it yet? Is it wrong, difficult or hard? It is not so easy? Everything in this life is simple. You either do or expect a miracle. Are you afraid of failure? Failure is an attempt that has become learning.

Why are you waiting and what are you afraid of? Life is too boring if you don't break the rules. In this world there are only laws, and everything else can be done at your discretion. Even laws can be interpreted in their own way, because there are many amendments. Don't be afraid to break the rules and do what you want.

Don't let patterns, taboos and rules get in the way of your desires. Why should you care that no one does that? Why should you care about other people's opinions, other people's desires and other people's expectations? You yourself have the right to set your own rules, and then adjust them when the situation changes.

All limits and limitations are only in your head. Do whatever you want!

Fight and fight for yours

Get used to fighting for whatever you want. Don't give other people yours if you do. Often it comes to us from childhood. It's like with hooligans who want to take away a toy or pocket money. It's time to rebuff other people who, in adulthood, again want to deprive you of something.

Many men claim one girl, job, position and place in the sun. In life, everything valuable must be fought for, which means do not be afraid to join the fight for something. Don't give up what is rightfully yours without a fight. Why can't you date this hottie, get that great job, drive a brand new sports car, or do something more? You deserve it no less than others, so fight.

Why are there such rules in life that you have to be pretty, tolerant and obedient? Why do you owe good things to everyone? Why should you give in to someone, do someone a favor or be cordial? You don't have to be kind to your enemies, competitors, or detractors. Be bad if you want.

Fight and fight for your own. There is always competition in this world, but that shouldn't stop you.

Take wise risks, enjoy life and drink champagne

I know many people who have kept a low profile all their lives and followed the rules. Such people did not take risks and preferred a titmouse in their hands. But as soon as they approached middle age, they seemed to go crazy or go crazy. People began to understand that life is short and slowly ends.

They quit their jobs, divorced from long-term relationships, rushed to play sports, went to other countries, started studying again, found completely different areas of activity, opened their own business, were fond of unusual hobbies, tried something new, grabbed for the unusual and lived very brightly.

All their lives they were afraid to take risks, and then it was like a demon hit a rib. This is not even a midlife crisis, but the realization that they have been a coward for too long. In life, it is important to take risks, to try something interesting and promising.

Feel life. All your life you were too reasonable and only did the right thing. But all that you gave this life, you did not give all that happiness back. You spent more effort than you got back happiness in return.

We do not have time to live so much, and to feel all this, which is simply terrible. You enjoyed life little and followed your dreams little. You have to break the rules of life, enjoy it, catch the moments of life and drink champagne.