Be proud of yourself: 16 reasons to love yourself and be proud of yourself

Good mood, additional motivation, strength for achievement and a happy life come to those who have healthy self-esteem and are able to be proud of themselves. In the modern world, we love to scold ourselves, underestimate our merits and ignore achievements. The time has come to love yourself and be proud of yourself, because this is the path to a more prosperous, fulfilling, bright and happy life.

We like to watch TV and the Internet and then compare ourselves to celebrities, millionaires, models. We begin to feel sad, because we are not as good and have not achieved as much as they do. But do not judge yourself by 0.0001% of the world's population, which is rather an exception to the rule.

I want to be proud of myself, and not reproach or scold for something? Everything is correct. You are much better than you think. You should look at yourself before the changes that have taken place in your life, as well as along the path traveled. In reality, you have something to suit, but you just forgot a little.

You should stop seeking the approval of others or their praise, because they will never get you, and they do not know everything that you have experienced. You need to be proud of yourself, because there are more than enough reasons and reasons for this. Read the article and repeat in your hours of doubt: “I am proud of myself because…”

did it and came out even stronger. You were not broken by the problem, but you survived and gained experience. There is something to be proud of yourself here, because no one knows how much you got from fate.

2. You have achieved something with your work

You probably have something that you have achieved solely with your work, and not slipped through for free. You showed perseverance, perseverance, hard work, discipline and an iron will to achieve anything. This is a good reason to be good with yourself, as well as your achievements.

3. You overcame fears

You were able to get rid of some clamps that spoiled your life. It could be a fear of acquaintance, a fear of communicating with people, a fear of demanding one's own. You stopped being afraid, and were able to become more determined and bold in life, which made it better.


4. You have become more beautiful externally and internally

Often in youth we are ugly ducklings that bloom only with age. Over the years, you have managed to squeeze the maximum out of your appearance. Looking in the mirror, you can say that you have become more attractive and cool. There is good reason to be proud of yourself.

5. You have developed the right habits

Over the years, you managed to overcome some bad habits, as well as acquire healthier and more correct ones. Bad habits are very hard to uproot, and good ones are hard to take root, so there is definitely something to be proud of here.

6. You got better with the years

In our youth, we were not at all what we are now. But over the years, you have become more confident, calm, strong, sociable, punchy, wise. These changes have radically changed you, making you much better. There is a reason to love yourself and be proud of yourself, for the positive changes in your character and personality.

7. You live in the present

You realized that living in memories or always waiting for something in the future is stupid. You live in the present and enjoy it. You catch moments of life and collect good impressions of the present.

8. You can stand up for yourself

You are now not defenseless, but stronger from all sides. You are able to fight back for yourself and those who are close to you or not indifferent. The ability to prevent others from spoiling the life of you and others is a reason for pride.

9. She learned to love herself

Enough self-hatred and self-destruction. You started to love yourself and take care of yourself. You remember to put your interests first and ask for help when needed. You started to take better care of yourself and your dreams. Loving yourself and being proud of yourself is a sure way to a happier life.

10. You have learned to face the truth

You no longer hide behind pink eyes, but look at this world soberly and judiciously. You stopped deceiving yourself and tell yourself the truth, even if it is not very good and beautiful. But the ability to see reality without embellishment helps to be adequate to this world.

11. You got rid of psychological problems

You worked with complexes, internal problems, got rid of shortcomings. You have become more mentally stable and stronger emotionally.

12. You help people and cheer them up

You have learned to make others smile. You began to help people, if not often and not always, but sometimes. You have acquired a vital compassion for others, and for this reason you are ready to help if you see fit.

13. You learned to forgive yourself

You were able to stop reproaching yourself for all the failures and mistakes, and smile, remembering your past stupidities. You acknowledged the fact that you made mistakes, but you let go of the situation and endured the experience.

14. You learned to forgive others

No one in this world is perfect, and the ability to forgive people is a valuable quality. You, too, have broken enough firewood and sometimes you need forgiveness. The ability to sincerely forgive, showing kindness, patience, tenderness and positiveness is a reason for pride in oneself.

15. You found dreams and goals

You were able to find something that helps you wake up in the morning. You have learned to follow your goals and stick to a plan. Dreams can be anything, but if they light you up, then you are doing everything right.

16. You learned to be happy

Despite everything that happens, you were able to find the strength to smile, rejoice and be happy. The ability to enjoy life, catch happiness and give it to others is a great reason to be proud of yourself.

You're not perfect, but who's perfect here? Time to be proud of yourself. It is from this that you will begin a happier, positive, good and bright life.