Bad boys in career. How to succeed with girls and in business?

We all know that bad boys are very popular with girls. Everyone believed that the destiny of bad guys was prison, low-paid work and a poor life. But bad guys are more likely to be bosses, get ahead of their colleagues faster, and be more successful in business than good guys. How to succeed with girls and in your career? Be the bad guy.

Everyone thought nice guys were more promising, more successful, and richer. These are suitable for long-term relationships and a good option for a girl. Therefore, girls chose good guys, in the hope of financial well-being and security.

Everyone considered bad boys to be successful only with girls, but not in their careers. Bad guys were assigned the role of criminals, security guards, drivers and the unemployed. Everyone treated them arrogantly and considered short-sighted.

But nothing like that. Bad boys win not only in love, but also in career! The good guys are left without girls, positions and money, which all the bad guys manage to take away. Bad guys have qualities that help them be leaders and winners in life. How to become one of them?

How to succeed with girls and in a career? Be a bad guy

What is this secret? Why do the good guys stay on the sidelines of history when the bad guys rule the world? Bad guys have a "dark triad" of personality traits that help them win over other people. Three character traits that will help you rule this world, and not be content with little.

1. Machiavellianism in achieving goals and positions

What is Machiavellianism? This is a strategy of action, which is based on the neglect of morality. The cult of brute force to achieve the desired goals. Bad guys operate on the principle: "the end justifies the means."

Machiavellianism is directly related to career growth and leadership positions. Machiavellianism implies the ability to put pressure on people's pain points, manipulate others, be cruel, intimidate rivals, adapt to the situation, artificially gain confidence, be able to flatter and seduce.

2. Narcissism in superiority over others

What is narcissism? These are character traits when a person has an inflated self-esteem and a sense of superiority over others. The narcissist is convinced of his special right to higher positions, which makes him more powerful.

Bad guys are narcissists and take advantage of it. Narcissists have the right charisma and charm to become leaders easily. Narcissism is useful for achieving success, higher pay and a good position.

3. Psychopathy in competition

What is psychopathy? This is a syndrome of a heartless attitude towards people, a reduced sense of empathy, selfishness, low emotionality, deceit and inability to repent. Bad guys are less decent, less honest, and more violent. These are negative character traits, but they can be very useful for a successful career.

Bad guys are at the very top of the corporate hierarchy and become the highest paid bosses. Bad guys become successful businessmen. Why is this happening? Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy make a person stronger. But at the same time, it is important to be able to suppress negative character traits at the right moments so as not to go too far.

Do you still want to be a good guy? Negative character traits often benefit us. They make us more competitive and stronger. And the strong personality always wins. Bad boys are successful and girls...