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Awkward silence with a girl: how not to be silent on a date with a girl

How many times on a date or meeting a beautiful girl have you had nothing to say? How not to be silent with a girl, what to talk about with women and how to dilute the awkward silence? How to have a pleasant and interesting conversation with a girl so that she likes it?

With girls, the most important part of dating is communication and being able to have an engaging conversation. If you are constantly stupid, silent, or arrange awkward pauses of silence, then this will end in a fiasco. Girls expect from you an entertaining conversation, not a dull silence. How to avoid awkward silence with a girl and how to behave on a date? Valuable advice from professionals to help you find yourself a great girl.

1. Why are you silent with a girl

I don't even know what to tell a girl when we meet? This happens to many. You are silent not for the reason that you have nothing to say or tell. You are simply not confident in yourself, you are afraid of not being liked and you are cowardly in front of a beauty. Your silence is not due to a lack of topics for conversation, but a lack of self-confidence and lack of comfort when communicating with girls.

With friends, acquaintances and close people, you always have something to tell. You can't shut up with your boys when you have a million thoughts, words or ideas. You tell how you spent the day, what you think now, what you want to try and what interests you at the moment. You tell everything that you want and that spins on the tongue.

An awkward silence with a girl is a sign of your weakness. You understand that you are afraid to blurt out something too much, you are afraid of not being liked, you don’t want to do something stupid, you are shy to break firewood or you don’t want to make yourself look like a loser. This is all due to low self-esteem and insufficient experience to communicate with the fair sex. First of all, you have to believe in yourself.

2. What does a girl on a date think about you

Do you try not to be silent with a girl, and therefore you talk nonsense, ask a lot of questions or rest in silence? Subconsciously, you understand that you are not talking the way a girl would like to hear. What's the matter?

A girl is not annoyed by the fact that you say something wrong, you do not catch her desires, tastes or interests. The girl is infuriated by the fact that you are afraid, shy, piss and worry. She sees in front of her a timid, shy, weak omega male who cannot interest her with his personality and character.

Your date goes down because you can't show your strengths. The girl will not want to meet or agree to a second date for this reason alone, and not because your story was boring. You failed to show in yourself a man who might be interesting to her. She has no interest in you.

3. What to talk about with a girl and what topics

Any conversation is better than awkward silence with a girl? That's for sure. Silence is gold, but it's the only gold girls don't like. But you don't know what to talk about with a girl. What interests her, what are her thoughts, what does she enjoy?

Many advisers recommend finding topics that may be of interest to her, and for this, asking a million questions. But the girls did not come for an interview or for interrogation, but to have a good time and get to know you better. It is you who is better, and not to tell everything about herself that she has known for so long.

What to talk about with a girl on a date? You start to invent for her what she is interested in, and for this reason you dig into these topics or talk nonsense. Then there is an awkward silence with the girl, as an awareness of his inadequacy. You should not talk about what she wants to hear, but what you want to say!

What do you want to convey to the girl? What to tell about yourself? What to tell? What to share? How do you want to show yourself? You can say whatever you want. You can say what you want and what interests you. Unexpected advice? But this is exactly what the girl will listen with great pleasure, than she will respond to your interrogation with passion.

Approximate topics for a conversation with a girl:

  • Interests, hobbies, hobbies.
  • ​​
  • Travel, adventures and other exciting events in life.
  • Desires, goals, dreams, plans.
  • Childhood, memories and stories from the past.
  • Cheerful and funny stories.
  • Conversations on the topic of relationships in the form of flirting and flirting.

This does not mean that you need to be self-righteous and monologue. This means being free to choose a topic for conversation, to have a conversation with a girl. Tell the girl what you want to convey to her!

4. How to communicate with a girl on a date

Your task on a date is not to be silent, but to give the girl a sense of self-confidence, show your adequacy and captivate with a conversation. Show your masculine self-sufficiency with ease and immediacy of communication.

Girls see when a man communicates comfortably, easily finds a topic for conversation and behaves confidently. He does not tremble, does not worry, does not become shy, does not coward and does not fuss. With such a man it is calm and easy. He clearly knows how to treat girls and is popular with the weaker sex.

Girls notice that a man himself enjoys communication, which is transmitted to her. When it is interesting and pleasant for you to communicate, the interlocutor catches a similar wave of sympathy. Get high from communicating with a girl, and she will feel similar sensations from communication on a date.

5. How to flirt with a girl on a date

If you do not want to get into a girl's friend zone, then you should immediately indicate your position. Do not be afraid to flirt, flirt and embarrass the girl a little. This is a real date, and so touch on spicy topics, use charm, ask ambiguous questions, lightly hint at vulgarities and act a little cheeky.

Girls are waiting on a date not a good boy who will tell them about quantum physics or arrange an awkward silence. Girls expect flirting, positivity, confidence and playfulness from a bad guy on a date.

6. Make the date fun and positive

Do girls want to laugh or want to be bored on a date? I think the answer is obvious. Carry a positive wave of emotions with your mood. Don't be afraid to joke, show irony, tease or laugh lightheartedly. Girls are happy to laugh and even neigh on a date, because they love it the most.

7. Don't be boring and gray, but be bright and unusual

Some men, especially young guys, are afraid to say what they want. This can create an awkward silence with a girl. As a result, a conversation with them is similar to the boring duty conversation about the weather, which we have heard more than once. Do not be boring and gray, but be bright and unusual in conversation.

Try not to throw patterns, hackneyed opinions and boring moralizing. Show originality and lead more lively communication. Do not be afraid to be more bright, unusual, eccentric. Show more energy, because we are always turned on by people with an active lifestyle. Give more drive, involvement and energy to the conversation, then the girl will definitely like you.

8. Compliment a girl on a date

All girls love compliments, especially beautiful ones and from the heart. On a date, you should say more than one compliment per evening, which I read on the pick-up forum. You should say about 1-2 compliments per hour of communication. This helps to keep the girl interested, improves her mood and enhances your positive impression.

Compliments should be sincere, so that you are not suspected of flattery or an attempt to seduce a girl. Leave simple compliments about the beauty of her face or the length of her legs to schoolchildren. Compliment the girl about her character, spiritual qualities, strength of personality, ability to take care of herself, and individuality.

  • I am very surprised, you are a very interesting conversationalist.
  • You have a great sense of style and a very harmonious image.
  • I marvel at the strength of your spirit and purity of aspirations.
  • Your uniqueness fascinates and amazes me.
  • The color of your earrings matches perfectly with your beautiful eyes.
  • I learned a lot of interesting things from you.

How to dilute the awkward silence with a girl? A compliment, as if you chose the best words. Be sure to compliment the girl on a date. She will feel desired, attractive and unique. Give her this feeling, and she will thank you a little later in her feminine ways.

9. Touch a girl on a date

An awkward silence with a girl is not so bad, because it's not just about talking. Needless to say, girls expect not only conversations from you on a date, but also physical tactile contact? Don't be afraid to touch the girl, it's in your best interest. Take her hand, hug her waist, run her palms, play with her hair, pinch her side, slap her ass, kiss. Touch a girl on a date to turn her on and make her body want you. But this should be done gradually, starting with light touches and ending with more frank ones.

10. Cast a bait for the future

Many men make a girl doubt that she will ever get a call. You should not make a girl nervous, as well as once again climb into the dating application. Promise to call her tonight or see her at the weekend. Do not put off your next meeting for a long time. Be sure to kiss at the end of the date, securing the desired result.

11. Fear of making a mistake on a date with a girl

Many men are afraid to make a mistake, than they make an even bigger mistake. Some men try to play someone else's role on a date when they behave unnaturally and out of character. If you play someone else, then it may turn out that the girl will like a different image, who you are not.

Say what you want. Behave the way you want. If she likes it, great. So this is your person who liked you, and not your fake image. So you will find your man in the face of a girl.

What if a girl doesn't like you when you act authentic? When you are not interesting to someone, then find another who will like you. There are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and you are hooked on that girl who doesn't care about you. Be yourself and find a girl who likes your real personality. There are many girls in the world who will like you, and therefore does not have to waste energy, time and money on impregnable ladies.

Don't be afraid of awkward silences or mistakes on a date, but be afraid of not finding that girl who will be crazy about you. After all, only such a girl can make you happy in relationships and love. How not to be silent on a date with a girl? More confidence, positive, courage, audacity and authenticity. Girls love those people who are real.