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Attitude towards a woman and playing by your own rules

You should play with women only by your own rules or not get involved in this adventure at all. Relations with the fair sex depends on how you put yourself.

The men who treat women with the most respect are seldom the most successful with them. Joseph Addison

Playing by your own rules

Now I'll tell you the most important thing, my friend.

1. In dealing with a woman, one must be a fatalist. Not in the sense that everything will be bad, but in the sense that everything will be as it should be. After all, if you correctly assess yourself, a woman and the world around, then a woman is not able to confuse you. You already know that these simple, sweet and gentle creatures (outer level) are actually complex, evil and selfish creatures (main level), but in fact they are simple, sweet and gentle creatures (deep level)!

These three layers are present in every woman and are beautifully stacked one on top of the other, without entering into conflict, except sometimes being zonal mixed. The same woman in communication with different people can be completely different. And it depends only on you at what level you yourself will communicate with her. From how you yourself, as it is customary to say among the boys, "put."

But in any case, everything that happens to you with a woman is normal. Let yourself happen. The main thing is that it does not hurt you too much. And this is the second rule.

2. A woman should not be taken seriously. She's not worth it, believe me.

It will be difficult for you to get along with a woman if:

- you endowed her with mythological qualities and think that she is really helpless and unadapted to life, insidious, unpredictable, romantic and bashful; - you think that a woman is worthy of serious experiences; – you still haven’t realized that they are almost the same and with each next one everything is easier than with the previous one, because experience is accumulating.

In short, if you make these stupid mistakes, then everything - your life will turn into a continuous chain of problems and experiences. Lovely ladies will definitely take care of it!

Women are naughty little children using a simple and standard set of naive tricks.

Be kind to them.

Don't take them seriously.

Don't get too attached to any of them: it's rarely a good experience.

Appreciate yourself more than a woman: you are one, but they are many; over time, your price rises and hers falls; every year the range of women who will be happy to be with you is expanding - it is the opposite for her...

Be calm and do not overestimate any one woman, nor their entire family as a whole.

And of course, try not to get into trouble. To do this, you just need to understand what exactly a woman wants from you, and try not to make mistakes!

And we often allow them.

Major male mistakes in relationships

Everyone makes mistakes. And you and I, of course, too. Moreover, if the ladies have the same way to win (exploitation of the natural sexual attraction of a man to a woman), and the mistakes are different, then the opposite is true for men. Our strategies for dragging girlfriends into bed are much more diverse, but the mistakes are the same. 1. Overestimation of a woman / fear of a woman. I mean, do you think of her better or worse than she deserves:

- You think she's a super-being or a filthy creature. “You are afraid that she sees right through you, or you think she is a complete fool. – Looking at her angelic appearance, you attribute to her an angelic character. - Or vice versa - you think that she is incredibly cunning and cunning just because she is a woman...

Of course, both of these extremes are ridiculous. There is no need to be afraid of women or overestimate them: these are fairly simple mechanisms with standard features and a standard set of functions. Once gained experience will help you easily manage different models, so when looking at the body, do not think that there is something under the hood that can especially delight or disappoint you.

2. Trust in a woman. Male naivete is a terrible thing. Given that you have a more critical mind than your girlfriend, prepare to swallow any lies from her.

Because you trust her. And believe me, women use it much more often than you think!

Of course, I do not call you to live in an atmosphere of suspicion; but just don't hang your ears for any reason. Take any proposal and statement of a woman critically - especially if it concerns you or in any way affects your interests.

No matter what a woman says, remember that she will never play on your side. Therefore, trust, but verify: a woman always acts in her own interests, and even if sometimes your interests coincide, do not attach any importance to this chance.

3. Sexual craving for a woman/fear of losing her. One of the most important tools in achieving a woman's goals. Sexual or psychological dependence on a woman (and this can happen to anyone) can make a rag out of you, no matter how strong you are.

Women know this very well, feel and use it. Manipulating a man through sex is a woman's favorite pastime. Schemes “ladies - not ladies; if you're a good boy, you'll get candy; I’m offended, don’t come near me,” etc. - it's a classic.

The way to avoid this is simple, like all genius: it is better not to get hung up entirely on one woman. Unless, of course, this is not your disconnected love and you are still able to look at other ladies. In this case, why, as they say, put all the eggs in one scrotum? Let you have several girlfriends, and if one of them suddenly decides to start manipulating you, you just shrug your shoulders and go to the other.

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