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Attack in an elevator or entrance. How not to become a victim and be saved?

An attack in an elevator or stairwell can happen to anyone. According to statistics, a large number of attacks, robberies, rapes, contract killings occur in our own entrance and in the elevator, when we already feel safe. How not to become a victim in the entrance and the elevator?

Be careful when entering the entrance. When we approach the house, we feel in imaginary safety. In enclosed spaces hidden from prying eyes, there is a high risk of being attacked. It can be a planned crime or an accidental one. Be as focused as possible and ready for any situation. Get your headphones out and don't look at your phone. Make sure that strangers do not follow you, using the open door. Get your keys and door chip ready. Call relatives that you come into the entrance.

Avoid dangerous situations

Don't get on the elevator with a stranger. Don't wait for a stranger to leave together in an elevator. Do not sit down with those who hold the door to wait for you. Even if you know the person, it is better to avoid a situation where you are alone together. You do not know enough people and their psychological state. Pretend that you want to check the mail in the box, you got a phone call, changed your mind about going, or think about going up the stairs. Never sit in an elevator with a stranger, and even more so with a company!

How to behave in an elevator?

If you were not vigilant enough and ended up in an elevator with a stranger, then focus. Let a stranger press the elevator button first, and go up yourself. When you press the button, do not turn your back and do not look away. Carefully look out of the corner of your eye at a stranger. Press your back against the wall and do not turn it to a potential enemy. Keep your hands at the level of your stomach in order to react in time in case of a possible fall.

How to exit the elevator?

Your floor and the stranger hasn't left yet? On your floor, get out quickly and try not to turn your back on the stranger. Come out facing him, ready to react to the attack. This will prevent him from grabbing or hitting from behind.

How to behave in case of an attack in an elevator or entrance?

Try to negotiate and agree with the requirements of the enemy while the elevator is moving. It is better to start a fight when the doors open, but this is a recommendation, not a rule.

When the danger is great, strike first. Hit in the groin, jaw, Adam's apple. If you are pressed against the wall, then press your fingers into your eyes, hit your ears and other vulnerable points. Don't be silent, but shout to get people's attention. When running out of the elevator or entrance, be careful. The enemy may start chasing or may be with an accomplice. Don't let them sneak into your apartment.

When defending your life, do not be careful with the attacker. At this point, it is decided which of you must survive. Health, honor and life are at stake. The one that is more decisive and merciless wins. An attack in an elevator or an entrance can happen to anyone, but your safety and life depend only on you.