Astrological forecast of the deceit of women

The women outside are cute cats and cute girls. But inside them the hellish flame of deceit burns. Often women are cunning and unscrupulous in their choice of means when necessary. What kind of villainy and deceit are women capable of, depending on the Zodiac Sign?

We are all, of course, cute cats and sweet girls. Outside. But inside we have a hellish fire of deceit. And, if we are properly brought, we are capable of much. Yes, we are capable of real villainy. Do you want to know how cunning you are?

Astrological forecast of women's deceit


The deceit of the Capricorn young lady is that no one expects deceit from her. And, in general, it’s fair: she simply doesn’t have time for such stupid things, so she doesn’t plan them. It turns out by itself. For example, Capricorns are very insidious in love. If the Capricorn lady decides that she needs a man, she will quickly write a 100-point plan that will help win him over. And he will start doing it. But at the moment when the unfortunate person realizes that he can no longer live without her, the Capricorn lady will suddenly curtail the project. Unprofitable because. And even if you jump from the bridge with her, you won’t get pity. She died - so she died.


Insidious Aquarians are suitcases with a double bottom. The Aquarius lady is kindness itself, sweetness itself and lightness itself: it seems that nothing can hurt her, that she never takes offense and does not wish harm to anyone. In fact, she remembers everything. Everything! It’s just that the Aquarius lady is a sensitive nature, she knows how to choose the right situation. For example, you offended Aquarius and forgot about it, and then suddenly you are awarded an Oscar. Red carpet, applause, journalists. Who will tell them about you? That's right, Aquarius. And you need to understand that she will tell the terrible. That shameful secret. And then he will clap his eyes and say: “What is it?”


Pisces is the most insidious sign of the zodiac. Villain geniuses, level 80 Jesuits, Machiavelli nervously smoking around the corner. Because the Pisces lady is equally kind to those whom she sincerely loves, and to those whom she intends to treacherously betray. Moreover, she will never give a reason to suspect her of black deceit. She simply weaves a skillful network of intrigues, and now the unfortunate object of her villainous plans, having fled, jumps from a cliff. Because he suddenly realized that there were enemies around and everyone hated him. Only Rybka is a good, kind person, but this is so little...


Young ladies-Aries are extremely rarely insidious, because usually they understand: well, don’t the universe gave them the talent of wickedness, it did not. This is first. And secondly, Aries simply do not have enough endurance. Fortunately. That is, on the contrary, unfortunately. The insidious plans of the young lady Aries drag behind her like a parachute behind Stirlitz, so protecting yourself from her treachery is as easy as shelling pears. But if the Aries young lady decides to act directly and openly (as she usually does), then the kingdom is yours. Heavenly.


The deceit of Taurus is in suddenness. The Taurus lady really wants to be a good girl, and, in fact, she is. She is also smart and strong. That is, bipolar. Therefore, those around shamelessly climb onto her mighty neck and comfortably settle down there, and the young lady-Taurus drags them all on herself. Silently. It's kind of like it should be. But one day she decides she's had enough. And then blood is shed. Best case scenario. At worst, everything around turns into a radioactive desert. Those who managed to survive then go to a psychoanalyst for a long time and complain: how, they say, right? I would have warned you! Oh, what deceit!


The cunning of the Gemini is that they never plot any cunning. Minor mischief Gemini does not consider deceit, because, correctly, it is too small. And if you catch the twin young lady in the embodiment of really black plans, she, without blinking an eye, will say: “It's not me!” And, indeed, she is not. Just one of her insidious subpersonalities. And we must understand that this subpersonality is not just insidious, but also deceitful. Lies from three boxes on top, then you won’t wash off. And after all, the most offensive thing is that it’s not all from evil, not from evil. Just where else is the Gemini mind to put his mind, his exorbitantly overgrown intellect? They knead him here, walk him. Fortunately, rarely. They have only one insidious subpersonality. Seems.


Subtle manipulator. No one will ever suspect the Young Lady Cancer of deceit, because she loves her close people selflessly, and those who are not close to her are absolutely indifferent, so why would she plot some villainy against them, right? That's right, it won't. All the best - to the closest: if the young lady-Cancer loves someone, she will become his own mother. And that's it. You can't get away from her anywhere else. Because how, how can you offend this holy woman? She has done so much for you, how can you make her suffer?! In general, contacted Cancer - until the end of your days you will dance to her tune. Near her skirt.


The deceit of the Lionesses is the most honest deceit in the world. Lionesses do not have the slightest desire to humiliate anyone, other people's suffering does not give them pleasure, and revenge, in their opinion, is petty and generally fu. The lionesses want only one thing - to raise their throne a little higher. Therefore, the insidious Lioness outlines a promising victim, brings her closer to herself, introduces her into high society and kindly rotates there, yeah. And as soon as the victim achieves something, the Lioness instantly appropriates all her merits. And you can’t even say that it’s undeserved, that’s the deceit!


Judas kiss? No, we haven't heard. For Virgo, this is too easy. Virgo is not just a cunning Jesuit, Virgo is an experienced puppeteer. There are many scenarios in her head, according to which everyone around should live. Virgo subtly directs them and imperceptibly admires the results. Those who understand what's the matter are recognized as worthless dolls and are subject to culling. But usually no one understands. Because Virgo manipulates others not for profit, but for pleasure. Well, she likes it.


Libra is not cunning at all. At all. Because Libra is too noble, firstly, and secondly, too empathic. First of all, the Libra young lady puts herself in the place of a possible victim of evil intentions, imagines the whole situation in great detail and experiences the whole gamut of feelings laid down by unfairly devoted: all the resentment, all the pain, all the self-pity. And decides that it is too cruel. But if the young lady Libra decides on deceit, then she has it completely clean and childish: “Don’t take my toys and don’t pee in my pot!” This is maximum. That would be it, right?


The insidiousness of a Scorpio young lady is born before her, that's a fact. She doesn't even think of anything like that, she just lives like that. Malicious plans, elegant multi-moves, cunning manipulations - all this is not villainy, it's just a way to relax. You can ignore it, because where are you going? The one who fell on the hook of the young lady-Scorpio is doomed to hang out on it until the end of his days. But this, of course, is not the worst thing. The worst thing is to cross the road to Scorpio. Because in this case, the innate deceit of the Scorpio young lady is enhanced by another innate quality. Ruthlessness. Well, as they say, amen.


The deceit of the young lady Sagittarius is in openness. If she suddenly decides to treacherously betray someone, the first thing she will do is tell all her friends about it. Because it's so interesting to discuss! Together to build cunning plans, pump the skill of cunning, hone the details of tricks. Actually, the Sagittarius lady usually calms down on this, because she suddenly realizes that deceit is undignified, and in general she is too lazy. The problem is that the numerous friends of the young Sagittarius lady just do not understand this. And with the name of Sagittarius on their lips, they go on the warpath. And this, I must say, is a gigantic army. In general, there is no chance.