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Army hacks. Military advice from the army

Army restraint, officer posture, army order and army discipline are only a small part of the useful things that the army has taught us and given. Not everyone was in the army, but she can teach a lot that is useful in civilian life. What military life hacks and skills should you know? Brilliant tips and life hacks of the military.

The army is a harsh school of life, but not everyone was there. What can you learn in the army and from the military? There are quite a few positive moments in the army, it's just that everyone is used to talking about difficulties. What can the army teach a man, and sometimes a woman? A smart person always finds something to learn in any situation.

Useful military hacks

"No one claims the best until we build the best ourselves." Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov

1. To make the shoes dry faster, put crumpled paper or newspaper inside. The paper will draw out the moisture and the boots will be ready for use sooner.

2. How to keep bottled water cold? Wet your sock and put the bottle in it. The water will keep you cool.

3. In winter, shave in the evening, not early in the morning. In the cold, the skin cracks and irritation appears if you go out immediately after shaving.

4. "A soldier is obliged to endure all the hardships and hardships of military service with steadfastness and courage." In the army and in life, one should be steadfast and courageous, and not a whiner. A place under the sun is won by strong men.

5. The army always has a plan A, B, C and others for all emergencies. In civilian life, it’s also good to have a couple of plans in reserve for all occasions.

6. A piece of foil in your pocket allows you to cook or heat something on a fire, even if you don’t have any dishes with you.

7. Using obscene language and swearing helps in many situations. Showdown, fight, conflict or other trouble? There will always be a place for virtuoso obscene constructions that help out and facilitate understanding.

8. In order not to freeze in winter, put extra insoles in your shoes, and even better with foil. Feet won't freeze as much from the ground. In extreme cases, folded paper or newspaper will do.

9. Remember the surname, names, titles, positions of people at once. This will come in handy in life.

10. Open your mouth at any explosion or loud sound. This will help keep your hearing. It also helps when taking off in an airplane. When firing, immediately lie down on the ground and seek cover.

11. In the absence of hot water, boil two cups of hot water. Pour it into a bowl or bucket of cold water. The resulting water allows you to more or less comfortably wash.

12. Take the initiative, but don't stick your head out too far. In life, as in the army, initiative is not always useful, but often rewarded. Appoint the leader of the one who leads the rest.

13. When spending the night in nature, it is better to hang food on ropes. This will save her from insects and animals. Great advice for the military, nature lovers, campers and survivalists.

14. Carry a condom with you. It is useful for its intended purpose, or for various needs. A condom is a waterproof case for a phone or documents, a tourniquet for pinching a wound, a flask for water, a case for a weapon, a magnifying glass for making fire. You can go to the condom as a toilet in a small way if you are in a traffic jam or an elevator.

15. In the army, they were taught to wake up and get dressed in 45 seconds. This skill is very useful for life when you do not fuss like a woman for an hour.


16. Never think that you are smarter than everyone. In the army, they are taught to listen to senior and more experienced soldiers. This skill will come in handy in civilian life. Look, listen, understand.

17. If necessary, use women's pads as shoe insoles. They absorb moisture, soften the impact when walking and running.

18. The ability to fight, shoot and be in sportswear has never bothered anyone. A man must be able to stand up for himself in a difficult situation, otherwise he is not a man.

19. The main army principle: "Do not explain, do not offer, do not ask." Sometimes you should not climb where you should remain silent or evade.

20. Protect yourself with words. If you are pressed, but there is no evidence of your guilt, then do not admit to anything. Deny everything and make counter accusations.

21. Carry toilet paper or tissues with you. They will always come in handy.

22. Put clothes under the mattress so they are drier and less wrinkled.

23. The need for calories during physical exertion satisfies condensed milk and bread.

24. They don't go to a strange monastery with their charter. There are always some unspoken rules that are best followed until you get the hang of it.

25. Using duct tape on the feet, where blisters often appear, helps to avoid them.

26. Clean boots and clothes are a good military habit that will come in handy in civilian life.

27. If you are always late, then move your clock forward 10-15 minutes. This will allow you to be more punctual.

28. When putting things in a small suitcase or bag, roll things into small tight rolls. This will fit a lot more stuff.

29. Wash, wash and clean yourself daily. Army habits help very well in civilian life.

30. In the army we were taught safety in all cases. In civilian life, you better understand that negligence and carelessness can lead to sad consequences.

31. Is the room cold, but is there a light bulb? Foil wrapped around the glass part of a light bulb can heat up a small room.

32. Someone understands only strength. Physical impact on enemies or other people is sometimes necessary. If you beat people for the purpose of education, then it is better not to leave bruises and marks.

33. As you put yourself, they will treat you. In the army you can immediately see the cowardly, greedy, vile. Nobody likes or respects them. Conduct yourself with dignity.

34. Fears arise when there is a real danger and there is an imaginary uncertainty. Be alert to the dangers, but don't let your fears keep you from taking action. Action solves problems, and inaction is fatal.

35. In the army they are taught to be silent, hide money and not trust everyone. Good for civilians too.

36. Use an upset stomach as an excuse for anything. Why late? Diarrhea. Why didn't you come somewhere? Diarrhea. Why was it missing somewhere? Diarrhea. This justification is not questioned.

37. The result often depends on all the people in the team. Therefore, carefully choose your place of work, friends, circle of friends and the second half. This is good advice from the military.

38. In the shower, you can pee on your feet to relieve pain from worn calluses. Urine also helps to disinfect the wound if there is nothing else more suitable at hand. But you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

39. In the army, you begin to understand the value of friendship better. In life, sticking together is easier, more fun, and safer.

40. In the army they are forced to write letters to parents so that they do not worry. This is a good habit. When did you call or visit your parents?

41. Sugar (paste) helps in healing a wound if there is nothing else at hand. Bacteria cannot actively develop in such an environment. But then be sure to see a doctor.

42. In the army they teach not to sit idle and keep busy with something. In life, the ability not to be lazy is very useful. Hardworking and stubborn are more often realized in life than couch potatoes. Don't sit idle.

43. Few girls wait for guys from the army. Loyalty is too good a quality to be expected from cheap and cheap people. Look for a girl not the cutest, but a good and faithful one. Then you will be happy in a relationship.

44. Always have supplies at home or in the car: sweets, cigarettes, condensed milk, canned meat, salt and water. Will definitely come in handy.

45. Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask. This proverb, which Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about in his work The Gulag Archipelago, is suitable not only for prison and the army, but also for civilian life.

46. Army asceticism, the absence of unnecessary things and order make life easier. Don't let things hold you back. In life, this is not the most important thing.

47. Always keep a sense of humor and positive even in a difficult situation. There are always difficulties, and the ability to endure them with a smile helps in life.

48. Diligence has always been valued in the army. The ability to be a professional, able to act in any conditions and situations, will definitely help in life.

49. Speak loudly, confidently and clearly. This army habit will come in handy in civilian life.

50. The ability to run fast, do push-ups well, fight and be athletic has never stopped anyone. In life, like in the army, being strong is better. A good fizukh is never superfluous.

51. What qualities are necessary for success in life? Army endurance, officer posture, army order and army discipline. Without this, it is impossible to achieve anything sensible in life.

52. Love the Motherland. She's the only one for you.

And what army and military councils do you know?