Anniversary of Alexei Romeo.

A noisy holiday party and a star dj - a marathon from the founder and ideological inspirer of NEBAR dj Alexei Romeo!

A special stellar Happy Birthday Party was waiting for all the guests - after all, on March 25, the founder and ideological inspirer of NEBAR dj Alexei Romeo celebrated his 30th anniversary!

The holiday party became unforgettable and has a record number of surprises from famous people! Numerous friends and colleagues came to congratulate the artist, including actors Daria Poverennova, Mikhail Vengerov, Dmitry Fedorov, DJ Baks, Marika, Yakut, Ivanov, Ilya Samitov (Khaki group), Oleg Dobrynin (Amega group), Lena Maksimova (Reflex group), singer Spring, Georgy Petrushin, Dmitry Ashman, singer Malina and many others. The main gift for the birthday boy was a celebratory star dj-marathon, in which, replacing each other at the DJ console throughout the night, the star guests of the party took part.

That evening, no one was left without a gift: a dj-set from Alexey Romeo and a huge anniversary cake awaited all those present!

Anniversary of Alexei Romeo.

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