Andrei Kostaugi: "There is no creativity without love".

Belarusian composer Andrey Kostyugov. Composer and poet Andrei Kostyugov

Andrei Kostyugov literally intermarried with most of the Belarusian pop stars. It cannot be otherwise, because he shares with them what some pathetically call “the brainchild”, while others simply call them “children”. Of course, we are talking about the songs that the composer and poet Andrei Kostyugov generously shares with his friends and colleagues.

The list of artists performing his works is impressive, but Andrei remembers each of them and is ready to offer again and again what they most need at the moment. Kostyugov's songs are performed by Pesnyary, Iskui Abalyan, Corriana, Polina Smolova, Vera Karetnikova, Domenika, girl band Las Vegas, Natalya Tamelo, Nils, Ukrainian performer Irina Yarina and others.

The first recordings of Kostyugov's songs appeared unexpectedly even for the author himself. Moreover, he already learned about the existence of the “first-born”, being an accomplished and sought-after songwriter. “Now on the Internet you can stumble upon songs that I sing with a guitar. Vintage quality. In 1984, I came on a visit from the army, and my friends gathered at my house for a “kvartirnik”. As usual, there was wine on the table, the room was full of people. I sang with my friend Sasha Kapic. In turn. Sasha has long been a doctor of science in microbiology. Professor. (By the way, Natana's song "Freeze and Wait" was written by him. I just made a new text that suits the spirit of the performer.) This apartment was recorded on a reel and left for Uzbekistan. When Odnoklassniki appeared, everything was revealed. I still didn’t think to seriously engage in pop music, but somewhere far away people were already listening to my songs and they liked it.

As for any creative person, it is very important for Andrey Kostyugov to be in an environment of like-minded people, brothers in the shop. Although the main thing happens at home.

“I live outside the city, I have a decent home studio. There are a few things you can do without leaving your home. The main work on tracking and mixing is done in stationary studios. Thanks to Alexey Zaitsev, Viktor Grishanov, Gennady Syrokvash. I work as a lyricist with composers Leonid Shirin, Nils, Sergey Sukhomlin, Iskui Abalyan, Sasha Nemo, Max Aleinikov. He began working with the composer Alexander Obukhov. Of course, the closest creative union is with Leonid Shirin. In fact, he once brought me to this kitchen. And the first "dish" was appreciated by the producer Andrey Kalina. For which I thank him endlessly.

Among his greatest successes in life, Andrei Kostyugov notes the love and support of his wife Alla. It was she who helped Kostyugov find himself in a profession that has become a favorite thing. “I was lucky, first of all, that I successfully married. My wife Alla is an artist. He teaches composition at an art school. Everything she touches becomes magically beautiful. Our house is a hut from a fairy tale. Every year on my birthday she gives me a thousand tulips. The whole garden is red. Neighbors are perplexed - why so many flowers not for sale. If not for Alla, I probably would never have decided to do such an unreliable business - writing.

Not all people succeed in doing what they like, what they like. Andrey Kostyugov is a happy person in this regard. After all, he has a favorite pastime, and there is always a mood. “The Mood Project is a thrill to work. There I am. The project is non-commercial, although successful. The performer Vitaly Novikov plays a huge role. He is the chief judge, and partner, and producer. And most importantly, a friend. He is a very busy person, but he always finds time for music. Works selflessly. Sometimes I think that this is his main business. Maybe I'm too subjective - a friend after all. But if we don't adore our friends, then something is wrong."

There is no creativity without love, says Andrey Kostyugov. This creative credo is most clearly manifested in the work with the artist Natana. “Otherwise there will be no magic. I sincerely love Nathan and she feels it. When I write for her, I partially turn into a woman. I was actually a woman in one of my past lives. I was shot in some basement. At the beginning of the twentieth century. Having seen this dream once again, I wake up with indignation. No wonder Mata Hari appears in the song "Bananamama". Past lives Before and After are somehow not remembered.

The language of music is universal and international. As for the lyrics, here you can always start everything from scratch. And Andrei Kostyugov is not afraid to try to express his thoughts and feelings in a variety of languages. There is a desire and opportunity for this. “A good half of my lyrics are in English. A few pieces in French, I sometimes hear on the air. He worked at Intourist as a translator of the Polish language. He took tourists around the USSR. Not so long ago I taught Lithuanian in a foreign language. He published two songs in Belarusian. I am a linguist by education, I graduated from Vilnius University just in the year of its 400th anniversary. Even a clay medal was awarded on this occasion.”

Creating a song for Kostyugov is not only a matter of craft, it is also a bridge to a more subtle perception of the world, the ability to see and feel what is beyond the real. “The real world and the fictional one merge after achieving certain success in meditation. For a short time. I meditate through songwriting. When it doesn’t work out the way I want, I feel terrible, I fall apart. I run two hundred kilometers to go fishing, I try not to think about work. When, finally, it turns out, I experience incomparable pleasure.

About how his appearance is connected with the inner world, Kostyugov says with irony: “Outwardly, I hardly look like a composer or poet. Yes, I'm not a composer or a poet, I'm a songwriter, lyrics for songs, music for lyrics. Last year Andrey Makarevich went to Natana's performance. He listened and said about me: "... and in appearance a lumberjack is a lumberjack."

One of his most unusual works Andrei Kostyugov calls the text of the anthem of the Brick Factory No. 2. The seemingly impossible task was perceived by the author as a creative challenge. “Really, how to write so that you like it yourself? The plant is 80 years old. I quickly calculated that KZ No. 1 was built under the tsar, and this one was built right after the civil war. A new era began in the fate of Minsk. And bricks are the bread of new buildings. Write about the history of the city and you will get the anthem of the Brick Factory number two.

In the work of a songwriter, as in any other profession, there are certain principles and laws. But there is one rule that Kostyugov is true to and which has always helped him create something unusual and memorable: “A great song should not be too smooth. Everything perfect, symmetrical, smooth is boring. Light roughness is welcome. She revives."

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