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An instructive true story of friends who have been playing catch-up for 30 years

Each of us has a couple of good friends who know us very well and have been with us half their lives. An instructive true story of childhood friends who have been playing catch-up for nearly 30 years. What does friendship mean to you and what are you ready to do for it?

In 2018, the comedy film You Drive was released. In it, five childhood friends play tag, chasing each other for a month, using cunning tricks and deceptions. The film is based on the true story of a group of friends published by The Wall Street Journal in 2013.

There are no direct links between the images of actors and real friends. The film itself turned out to be average, but the very idea of ​​\u200b\u200ba game that maintains friendship between people for almost 30 years is worthy.

Facts about real friends from the movie You Drive

In reality, a group of 10 friends have been playing since 1980. It was originally a high school game in Spokane, Washington. Then the guys ran around the school and tried to salt each other. 8 years later, friends got together for the weekend, and someone suggested that they start playing again, but with different rules.

The game consists in the fact that you need to salt one of your friends, but you cannot give it back to the one who has salted. In regular tags, friends chase each other around the playground, and these guys chase comrades all over the country. They fly planes, race cars, set up ambushes, use assistants and various clever tricks to piss each other off.

Friends call the game "Tag", which means "tag", and themselves "Tag Brothers". The game lasts only one month February, not May, as in the movie. The last one to be salted in February wears the mark of shame all year, or as the players call it, "wears the robe of shame."

In real life, one of the players was pissed off at his father's funeral with everyone patting him on the shoulder. Sometimes players broke into a friend's house at night to salt a friend. Also, the game was in the hospital when one of the friends' wife was on chemotherapy. The players put on fake mustaches, hid in trunks, dressed up as a grandmother, disguised themselves as a bum. Sometimes some friends were given a "holiday" from playing "Tag" due to small children or other problems.

Friends themselves consider this game a good way to maintain friendly relations. "Tag Brothers" believe that without the game they would have stopped communicating a long time ago and would have lost their childhood friends. In 2013, a journalist from The Wall Street Journal found their unique friendship story and wrote about them. After they were often interviewed, and in 2018 they made a film.

What do you do to maintain relationships and friendship with your old friends?

As the mobster said in The Godfather movie: “Friendship is everything. Friendship is more than talent. Stronger than any government. Friendship means only a little less than family. Never forget it”

Interview and game of real brothers