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Always tired? How to increase energy?

Do you constantly feel tired? Welcome to the ranks of the 100 million people worldwide who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. These tips will boost your energy, efficiency and success!

Tired of being tired? Do you feel like you don't have enough energy in the morning?

I have enough energy for everything. And even in excess. But it was not always so.

In 1975, I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (SF), although they did not formally have a name at the time. Communication with a huge number of doctors helped me understand what I should do to get rid of my ailments. The experience gained inspired me so much that I have been studying this issue for the last 37 years.

To forget about energy problems, it is enough to follow a few simple tips from the book. This will boost your energy by 91%.

Short test

Do you feel fatigue, pain without a specific location, fog in your head, problems with sleep and concentration? If the answer is “yes”, welcome to the ranks of 100 million people around the world suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

In simpler terms, this is a serious decrease in vitality and nervous exhaustion, as if you had “knocked out traffic jams”. Or how the computer went into "sleep mode".

It is not uncommon for people with CFS to wake up shattered, exhausted, and spend the whole day in this state.

Sleep problems, poor nutrition, overburdened immune systems, hormonal imbalances, and an accelerated pace of life all cause people to burn out.

Sleep in whirlwind

One of the most effective ways to increase vitality and clarity of consciousness is daily 8 hours of sleep at night. But everything is not so simple. How can you carve out an extra couple of hours of sleep? Here's what can be done.

1. Realize one simple thing: you can't do everything.

Have you noticed that the faster and more efficiently you complete tasks, the more new ones appear? That's the focus! If you slow down—like a snail—you'll find that your to-do list has become shorter, and some have dropped off by themselves.

Start phasing out some activities (I'm not talking about jobs that pay your bills—not yet!). Need to sleep.

2. Do what makes you happy.

Make a list of everything you do at work and at home. Break these activities into two columns. First, write down everything that is fun to do (or at least better to do than not). Secondly, what you should do, although you do not like it.

You will soon realize how great it is to move more and more cases into the "pleasant" column.

Listen to your body

Even without getting sick, any person who is forced to lie in bed or sit for a long time loses physical fitness very quickly. Exercise is an easy way to recharge your batteries. But you don’t have to immediately sign up for aerobics, swimming pool and equestrian sports. The secret is not to overdo it.

Remember: small steps are better than stopping. So give yourself a load gradually.

“Success with sweat and blood” - this proverb tries to convince us that the result is achieved only by an incredible exertion of physical and mental strength. I want to offer another belief instead: "Pain is stupid!" Unpleasant sensations and pain are a signal to stop doing what causes it. But a reasonable load balance will restore your energy without harm to the body.

Mark Twain said: "Moderation should be in everything - including moderation." Don't forget about it.

Relationship between mind and body

Every physical illness has a psychological component. People who live forever in stress, of course, may have bacterial infections or hyperacidity that caused ulcers. But it can be helpful for a doctor to ask them to forget about their never-ending phones while they are being treated. Take note of this.

I have found that most people with chronic fatigue syndrome work to the point of exhaustion and go out of their way to jump even slightly above their heads. The competitive spirit in them is also strong. Did you recognize yourself? How often we “grow above ourselves” in order to eventually lose all our strength along the way and stop rejoicing at what we have achieved.

We are ready to take care of everyone, except for one and only - ourselves. Have pity on yourself. And you will see how the level of vital energy will creep up.

Hormones of joy

Sometimes fatigue and vague pains appear due to hormonal problems. How to recognize them? If, in addition to feeling tired, you are gaining excess weight and do not tolerate cold well, it is worth checking the thyroid gland. If they are too irritable, especially when they are hungry, the adrenal glands “hooligans”.

If you add a good rest to the doctor's recommendations, there will be no trace of fatigue.

Growth hormone, or rather, its lack, is another “stumbling block” on the way to cheerfulness. There are three activities that naturally "persuade" the body to produce it:



deep sleep.

I would happily recommend all three!

It can annoy you when traffic jams in your house. But it protects your home from a fire during a power surge. That's why you shouldn't treat CFS/SF as something negative. This is an attempt by the body under conditions of serious stress to protect itself from even greater harm. You just need to do something about it.