Abs and relief exercises

Abs exercises. How to turn fat into amazing relief. How to pump up a beautiful press?

Sometimes a man thinks about how to turn his subcutaneous fat into a wonderful relief, or just how to build muscle. Many, often lazy, order "tons" of various incinerators, additives and other chemicals. But my advice to you is to forget about this rubbish, find strength in yourself and go to the gym.

Today I want to talk about how to pump up a beautiful press.

Before moving on to the abs, I want to give a few tips.

Tip 1. Abs are best done with a calorie supply. Those. before you go to practice, you need to stock up on energy (have lunch) an hour before.

Tip 2. If you only do the press in the complex, you need to warm up properly, in order to avoid sprains and other injuries. If you have done a certain set of exercises (for example, on the chest), then it is better to pump the press at the end of the workout.

Now, perhaps, we can start the exercises.

Press exercises. How to pump up the press?

There are three types of abdominal exercises: upper, middle, lower and side.

Upper and lower presses are usually activated immediately. The following exercises will help you with this:

1. Lie down on a flat, fairly soft surface (a mat will do), straighten your legs and begin to lift the body with straight legs 20-25 times in 2 sets.

2. After a minute's rest, perform the following exercise. We lie down evenly, keeping our legs bent, parallel to the floor, and begin to raise the body without bending our legs, 20-25 times. One approach will be enough.

3. Next, bend the legs and put one leg on the knee of the other (for example, left to right) and begin to lift the body towards the leading leg (left) 20-25 times. Then we perform the same procedure on the other side.

The next exercises will be on the lower press.

1. The next exercise is called "accordion". It consists in the following: lie down on your back, straightening your legs. Then we begin to raise both the body and the legs (the legs should reach approximately to the head).

2. After a minute or two of rest, do the following exercise. Lying on your back with straight legs, we lift straight legs above ourselves, without lifting our backs, 15-20 times.

3. The final exercise for the lower press is called “birch” (you must have heard about it). We perform a full rise of the body with legs above ourselves, 10-15 times.

Side press.

After you have completed all the above exercises, you can proceed to the final stage of the lesson.

1. We take dumbbells. It is necessary to select according to your weight, my weight is 80 kg, 15 kg dumbbells are optimal for me. Feet shoulder-width apart and, holding a dumbbell in one hand, and holding yourself by the lower back with the other, we begin to move the body (like a pendulum) towards the dumbbell. 15-20 times for each hand.

2. And the last exercise for today. We stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, raise our arms above our heads, begin to lower and raise the body (like a pendulum) in different directions, each time increasing the speed, 20-25 times.

After completing this set of exercises, in a month you will see a wonderful, beautiful press that any person will envy.

Photo: Steven Roark flickr.com/[email protected]

Author: Mr. Biceps Men's magazine MENSBY. COM