About women.

About women. They are not the weaker sex, the weaker sex is male! Who is the weaker sex?

They are not the weaker sex, the weaker sex is male! Oooooh, I can already see how the boys are pricked up and look indignantly towards the author of these lines. No, it's pretty simple, only we - the guys - often turn a blind eye to things that I will describe further. I don’t know if anyone before me reasoned like this, or I’m just simply paraphrasing other people’s thoughts, but I’ll lay out to you, comrades, my (allow me to appropriate it, please!) theory (forgive me, Lord, for such terrible words), before which I reached with my (another terrible word!) Mind. In general, it is not clear why women are called the weaker sex? The weaker sex is men.

A commonplace example is sex: for a woman it is a tone, they are more often insatiable, for a man this is an exhausting exercise, many come to their senses after it as if they had run a hundred meters. Men are more likely to fall into depression and stress is more characteristic of them, hence problems with potency, heart attacks, baldness (although there are other factors) and so on, so on, so on. Who gets into a fight more often - a man! Who often becomes an inveterate drunkard and sits on a needle - a man! Who has a passion for destruction - a peasant, and why - but to prove that he is cool and strong, and where does the proof come from? - from an inferiority complex and dissatisfaction with oneself.

Maniacs have always been men, and women only killers (for example, Daria Saltykova (Russia), tortured to death several dozens, maybe hundreds of peasants; Olga Gepnarova (Czechoslovakia) - killed at a time 10 people, having run over them on a truck, well, and several Nazi women from the SS), the very word maniac cuts the ear, although it is funny.

Since ancient times, the world was ruled by women, and men were needed for insemination with future offspring and for household work. The ancient Slavs had a matriarchy. Back in those distant times, they often used to say they used to say - Mother Earth, Father Sky. The earth is a firmament, it is a stronghold, they harvested crops from it, but the sky is just an invisible sphere that does not have a physical and material basis, although, of course, an important component of earthly existence. Or another example - Yin / Yang - a kind of plus / minus, good / evil, man / woman. Here I can’t resist, and I will cite as an example the words of the satirist Mikhail Zadornov - “how can a woman be a minus? Minus cannot give birth! But about childbirth a little later. And now just look at the physiology of a man - a member (!!!) - we say a man, we mean a member - well, am I wrong? What does a member look like? - minus! Man, it's just a sperm custodian, it's easier to say - a walking sperm bank.

Women have not started a single war! Yes, there have been wars because of women (see Trojan War - although this is probably only a myth), but they were not their instigators. Yes, even in the “Baby Age” (XVIII by the way) there were warriors in Russia, but the empresses did not deal with them, again, the guys with eggs did them. All wars were started by men, and themselves, with the pleasure of a masochist, took part in them, sharply reducing the population of their own sex.

Due to frequent experiences and complexes, men in every possible way oppressed the rights of women, no, well, was that really the point? It is impossible to participate in elections! And why, but because a woman senses with intuition, like a fatalist with her ass, that most of the candidates are faggots (special thanks to Kortnev and Shnurov for this comparison, I don’t know who sang the song “Elections” before). Or sports - “real men play hockey” - women stand on skates perfectly and know how to hold a stick in their hands. And I’m generally silent about boxing - the daughter of Muhammad Ali (a famous boxer in the past) can not only knock out her opponent, but also any opponent.

And most importantly! A woman is given the opportunity to give birth! For nine whole months, you need to take care of yourself and your health, you need to be able to endure all the hardships and discomfort that accompany pregnancy. And most importantly, to give birth - and it hurts! Hence, a woman has developed a sense of responsibility, will, patience, and most importantly love! After all, it is women who more often forgive betrayal and turn a blind eye to the adventures of their soul mates! A man for a woman is a child - with his whims, fantastic desires and complexes!

And so, to have more fun to finish. I propose to add men to the Red Book as an endangered species! But this is true, there are fewer men on the planet than women. Build reserves for us, where you - women - will protect us, feed, water, and also cherish and cherish! We love you fools!

Well, comrades! So who is the weaker sex here?! Author: Georgy Savin