About sexual fantasies

Sexual experiments add variety to intimate life, make it more interesting and brighter. Carnal pleasures, sexual fantasies and various perversions.

Many people mistake sexual fantasies for perversion, and all because they do not know what the difference is. Sexual preferences were not understood half a century ago, so people had sex exclusively in the missionary position.

At that distant time, society was not up to sex. They started talking about it much later, in the 60-70s of the last century, and came up with many useful ideas and inventions (for example, hormonal contraception and the sexual revolution).

Some brave citizens of many countries have not hesitated to use words such as masturbation, oral and anal sex in the lexicon. But they did not try to practice. Same-sex love 50 years ago was considered a psychological illness and even a criminal offense.

The sexual revolution in Russia

In our country, it began in the 80-90s of the last century and shocked the whole world. The sexual revolution broke out quickly and swiftly. The Russians studied it not only in theory, but also in practice. And in Europe it was only discussed and gradually introduced into society.

At the beginning of the 21st century

At the beginning of the 21st century, many concepts (such as “perversion”, “perversion”, “deviation” and many other). But society considered monogamous missionary sexual contact a perversion and discussed the range of sexual acceptability in a couple (personal norms or, more simply, acceptable actions).

Sex today

Judging by the survey, many adults use various perversions during carnal pleasures, and for this they buy toys and devices in special stores. Because they believe that experiments add variety to intimate life and make it even more interesting.

The survey involved a huge number of volunteers, namely more than three thousand. During the conversation, they admitted that they love to watch strangers. This observation is called voyeurism.

Many respondents like to fantasize about watching, imagine how the “victims” undress, change clothes, have sex. They also like to spy on the actions of actors from adult films.

Fetishism and exhibitionism

25% of sexually active participants like various objects (heels, scarves, panties). From them they get sexual arousal. In another way, sympathy for objects is called fetishism. Some respondents, namely 30%, like exhibitionism - sexual pleasures in elevators, shops, in a word, in public places.


Only a few brave individuals decide on this joy, namely 7 out of 10. Many are stopped by various factors, for example, loyalty and fear of catching an infection. Therefore, indecisive citizens find a replacement. For example, toys in adult stores.

There are a lot of experiments in sex. They are dreamed of and put into practice by a large percentage of the people surveyed. Some volunteers don't experiment in bed. Because they do not know how to inform their partner about them.

It needs to be prepared and pushed to the partner. For example, you can tell an erotic dream (fictitious or real), or take the initiative during sex. Perhaps a beginner will like the games, and you will practice them.

Many volunteers practice perversions in sex. Because perversions revitalize relationships and are absolutely normal. But only if they take place not in front of the public, but at home.

In sexual games, the main thing is to comply with the norm and not go beyond it. Any experimentation must be by mutual consent.

Before embarking on a case, it is necessary to discuss issues with partners and outline the boundaries of permissibility. Otherwise, instead of an experimenter, you can turn into a pervert.