About self-defense in a real fight

Some useful information about a real case of self-defense that cost the life of one of the participants. Knife fighting, confrontation and self-defense in a real fight.

Fitness club instructor, boxing master and bodybuilder Dmitry Tomilin was stabbed to death - presumably because of a girl, allegedly suspected and already detained Aleksey N. One sentence, but how much information about real street fights and the it contains life! But let's take it in order.

First, the description of the case based on materials in the media:

On February 5, in St. Petersburg, the deceased Dmitry Tomilin met with the future killer at about 9 pm. Dmitry hardly imagined that the "disassembly" would end with his death. (And had to foresee any possible scenario).

The attack, which is beautifully called a “duel” on the LifeNews website (how is that? a one-sided duel?), took place in the very center of St. Petersburg. The video clearly shows that people are walking nearby, but they hardly turned around at the murder taking place in front of their eyes. This, unfortunately, is common in our modern society, especially in megacities, and is a good indicator of people's attitude towards each other. It is clear that not everyone will throw themselves at a person with a knife, but anyone can call the police.

Only when a passer-by approached the already fallen Tomilin, several more people approached him. The woman tried to cover his wounds with her scarf, which is noble but ineffective. That is, do not drag, for example, a limb, but simply cover it from above. Few people have first aid skills - and how many people could be saved!

At this time, judging by the recording from street cameras, the offender first walked along the alley, then ran. This did not help him - we do not have as many street cameras as, say, in London, but they can really put law enforcement officers on the trail. It is not known what helped the employees this time - perhaps Dmitry's words to the taxi driver that he was going to a meeting to sort it out because of the girl. I figured it out… But I gave a clue to the employees.

Regarding Tomilin's injuries:

“According to a report from the Mariinsky hospital, a 25-year-old man was taken to the intensive care unit from house 4 on Nekrasov Street. Doctors diagnosed him with multiple stab wounds of the neck, chest, head and acute blood loss. After 40 minutes, doctors pronounced him dead.”

Video commentators write that if Dmitry had not run after the killer, but immediately asked for help, he might have been saved, but at that moment Tomilin was most likely in a state of passion, and no longer understood, what is he doing. Or he did not understand what was happening, which also often happens. Especially if the knife is stabbed in the body - then the blow is simply felt. Especially if the case takes place in the dark and the knife is simply not visible. But in this case, he clearly understood - the blows were also in the neck, and the knife was clearly visible. If Dmitry did not immediately notice the knife, then he definitely saw it later.

The killer simply ran away from Dmitry - and what, he didn’t have blood loss, time was on his side. He could run around and wait until Tomilin himself fell. Which practically happened.

So, let's destroy the myths.

1. "A symmetrical knife fight is possible" - that is, two people decided to fight with knives (for example, because of a girl - a great reason), and, throwing gloves at each other, began to fencing positions. And away we go. So? As we can see in this typical video - not so!

A real knife fight is exactly the same as in the video - this is a surprise attack, possibly during a conversation, at close range. And the first blow with a knife - in the neck. And the neck, as you know, is one of the most vulnerable areas - here you have an Adam's apple (a blow is enough), here you have a carotid artery (it is enough to crush with a chokehold or in another way), here you have fragile cervical vertebrae, etc. In the case of a knife fight, it is enough to strike on the neck in the right place, and that's it.

We are not in 19th century Spain. In our reality, a knife fight is when they come up close with a knife in their sleeve, distracting with words, and already there they try to suddenly cut or stab. "Zekovskaya", not a dueling manner. This should also be taken into account in training activities. Practice defense against a surprise attack.

What did Tomilin have to do? First, do not fall for the opponent's scenario. Surely, it was the killer who summoned Dmitry to that place (Nekrasov Street), and then led him down the street under some pretext, and then suddenly began to stab him with a knife. Of course, the investigation will show whether this attack was planned or spontaneous. Although, it still depends on the mind of the suspect, and whether he has a lawyer. So, maybe, according to the official version, the attack will be declared spontaneous. Although from the video it seems that the killer planned everything in advance - by his walk, by the way he stopped at the right moment, and suddenly began to beat with a knife. But these are only assumptions.

In any case, Dmitry had to appoint his place, and play by his own rules. And it turns out that he was simply lured and led to the slaughter, like a bull. And if the killer lured him into a remote place, where ten people would be waiting for him.

Of course, it’s not good to talk like that about a killed person, but the purpose of this material is to convey to the living that you can’t behave like that.

2. "Boxing and barbell - the very thing for life!" - as you can see, no. Here we have a great example - CCM in boxing and a bodybuilder. That is, he clearly knew which side to approach the bar. Of course, boxing is a great European martial art. Boxing strikes are borrowed by many modern martial arts. Boxing is a classic. It looks simple, but very effective thing. Boxing is also effective for street fights. But - in this case, it's not about a fight. It wasn't just two guys breaking each other's faces because of a pretty girl. Here we are talking about street fighting, about hand-to-hand combat. More precisely, an attack with cold weapons. And we can clearly see on the video that Dmitry missed almost all the blows. Especially the first one. He didn't even notice him. And why? Where is his reaction as a boxer? Well, in boxing they don't teach you how to work against edged weapons (or against a stick, against kicks, against wrestlers, etc.). But there must be a general reaction, especially since he was a candidate for master of sports? Any person, noticing some movement in his direction - a flying ball or a bottle, dodges (successfully or not, another question). It's at the level of instincts.

Therefore, secondly, Dmitry had to go further from the person with whom you came not to drink beer, but to deal with! That is, Dmitry knew in advance that he had come to meet with the enemy, who had a conflict with him. Well, this is if he agreed to play by the rules of the enemy, and went somewhere with him. It was necessary to go not near the wall, but from the side of the roadway, in order to give yourself room for action. Moreover, go a little behind the opponent, so that it would be more difficult for him to attack. You can’t keep your hands in your pockets in such a situation - it will take time to pull them out, and, as we see, everything can be decided in a split second. Having noticed aggression, it was necessary to run out onto the roadway so that a “traffic jam” would form, so that everyone would pay attention to Dmitry and the aggressor - and he would hardly have liked it.

As for "a man is not a man" - there is nothing shameful in flight. It was possible to meet with the aggressor and then, already on equal terms.

Having noticed any movement on the part of the opponent, it is necessary, as if in fright, using the start reflex, to throw a palm in his face in order to prevent him from coming close, and immediately break the distance himself. Or, on the contrary, strike him so that the knife itself falls out of his weakened hand. All according to the situation. Good stopping kicks on the opponent's legs.

So, is boxing a bad thing? No. It's just that boxing was originally designed for sports fights, and not for repelling street attacks with a knife. Different training methodology, different goals. Well, how to compare a cool hunting rifle and a regular AK. Theoretically, it is possible to fight back in war with the help of a hunting rifle, but it is much better to use a Kalashnikov assault rifle for this purpose.

If Dmitry had been put in sparring with the killer, he would most likely have “worked” the killer. Although, the aggressor in the video demonstrates a direct kick. Do not be surprised if it turns out that he is engaged in martial arts or martial arts. But in any case, on the street, the criminal calmly killed Dmitry. You can be indignant as much as you like that this is “not according to the rules”, but this is reality. This is life. Are there rules in life?

Therefore, real hand-to-hand combat (martial art) should be as close to life as possible. What does it mean? This means that in training you need to take into account that everything is possible - and work based on this. That conditions can change at any time. That they can attack at any moment (and with anything). That you can not let the enemy behave on occasion. It is necessary to study both strategy, and tactics, and a variety of techniques, and much more.

And most importantly, butting over a girl? Now, if you ask the dead man - was it worth what he would say? And will this girl, like the “wife of the Decembrist”, wait for Alexei N. (if he really did this) from prison? One is killed, the other, most likely, broke his own life. Because of which?! Author: Mikhail Didenko