About relationships

Tired of people who know exactly what relationships are for. Many people are looking for a couple to meet exclusively their needs.

Here the man says that for caring. And most of all, I can’t stand caring in a relationship, if caring is understood as the need to do something that you don’t need at all, but someone else needs in the hope that he, in turn, will bend and start doing what you need, let him and don't really want to.

I think it is humiliating and disgusting to do something as if for the sake of others. And above all because this process is never truly mutual. No matter how anyone flatters themselves with pseudo-altuistic manners, in fact, people are looking for a mate to satisfy their needs. Here, someone is missing something: someone has sex, someone has borscht, someone has care, and someone has a sense of self-importance, which a person achieves by surrounding another with obsessive care.

The only difference is that someone is initially looking for a suitable partner, and someone grabs the first one who did not have time to escape and begins to teach him and educate him so that the person " behaved correctly ”and then, they say, finally, everything will be fine. It is not known to such educators that everything will be fine with a person, but only in a different company. In the famous copy-paste of a “real man”, one Internet frequenter lamented that, they say, his wife was only interested in sex and entertainment, and the girl did not want to take care, that is, wash, feed and help with repairs, on the basis of which the conclusion was made - worthless, bad woman, fuck her!

And for the past five years I have been dating a girl who, apart from creativity, entertainment and sex, is not interested in anything else and is very happy, moreover. So don’t tell me what relationships are for and how exactly, from your most authoritative point of view, they should look like, otherwise they’re sick of it!