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About girls and their suitors in the language of algebra

More advanced males understand that passively searching for a way to the heart for several decades is, to put it mildly, boring, and switch to iterative methods. A humorous but true article on how to woo girls.

About girls and their boyfriends in a simple and understandable language of linear algebra.

A girl is like a matrix. A priori, we consider it to be a non-degenerate square matrix A.

A real man is characterized by (kekekeke) the vector b. Thus, we get a system of equations

A*x=b, where x is the desired path to the girl's heart

Clearly, this x must be found.

Of course, this can be done in different ways. The matrix itself comes into play, that is, the girl, who, depending on her coefficients (cockroaches), can facilitate or complicate the solution of the problem.

The girl (matrix) has a norm and a condition number. The condition number of a matrix is ​​the product of the norm of this matrix and the inverse norm, and this number is always greater than 1.

With regard to girls, the condition number can be considered a certain characteristic of their female logic. The higher this number, the worse.

That is, for matrices, some error in the vector b leads to an error in the vector x, M times greater. And in the case of a girl, this means that if you slightly deviate from her expectations, this will result in a large deviation in the result.

So, in the case of a large number of girl's conditioning, finding a way to her heart is oh, how not easy because of big mistakes.

And different people seek this path in different ways.

Dull virgin zombies directly find the inverse matrix through algebraic additions, and x is found by Cramer's method. The search process is finite and will be completed in the next thousand or two years. Good luck to them in this noble cause.

More experienced losers look for a path using the Gaussian method, it is faster, but it is fraught with the fact that the desired vector will be found only at the end of the process. As a result, until they find this vector, a lot of time will pass (although not all of life, and this pleases). But the Gauss method does not work well with ill-conditioned matrices, so their cooler counterparts use a slower, but more accurate method of rotations or reflections. This, again, leads to the fact that until they find a way, they don’t even know close what to do with this girl. This is an inherent defect of all exact methods.

In life, this is expressed in passive observation of the girl. No action, no decisive steps. But, after some 30 years, they will understand exactly how to behave with her and EPIC (WIN FAIL, underline as necessary) awaits them.

More advanced males understand that it is boring to passively seek the way to the heart for several decades, to put it mildly, and switch to iterative methods.

For the initial approximation of the answer, they take anything, for example, the vector “Kitty, where are you from?” dawn flower?

True, pick-up masters are not well aware that the method of simple iterations converges only if the girl is a contraction mapping. Therefore, the guys are often sent to hell, instead of achieving their goal. These fellows are rarely successful with ladies, especially ill-conditioned ones.

Enlightened in the temptation of girlish hearts, citizens use the methods of Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, Chebyshev, et cetera et cetera, which significantly expands the class of girls, the way to whose heart they can find, but, nevertheless, when faced with the harsh reality of female logic and the monstrous number of conditionings suffer a fail.

The most severe alpha males use advanced algorithms such as GMRES, CG, BCG, PCG and are able to master almost any special, regardless of the degree of its logic and far from ideal.

But, kekeke, they quickly lose interest in the already found solution and look for new ones. So, by the age of 30-40, the girl manages to go through a dozen or two alpha solvers. And exactly at this moment, the good old zombie admirer finds a solution using the Gaussian method or something else exact, and marries her.

The cycle of linear algebra in nature!